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  1. joehamiltonfan14

    Player walk

    Is it happening? What time?
  2. joehamiltonfan14

    Pastner vs Crean

    Year 2 of Crean and Georgia signs the #3 player in America and knocks off Memphis on the road which will help them come Selection Sunday. Meanwhile we’re in year 4, haven’t sniffed the tournament and are under major NCAA sanctions. Crean hasn’t needed a 5 Year Rebuild. It’s really an infuriating...
  3. joehamiltonfan14

    NCAA Ruling - Postseason Ban, Among Other Bogus Things...

    Didnt we have a hearing with the infractions committee on Thursday Aug 22? Anyone have any intel on how it went?
  4. joehamiltonfan14

    Clemson postgame

  5. joehamiltonfan14

    Mark Fox and GT

    it seems that with Georgia’s struggles, Mark Fox may be on the hot seat. My guess is he sticks around for another year at least, but who knows. My question is: is Mark Fox at UGA a good thing or a bad thing for GT? On the one hand, he’s been pretty mediocre which has been good for us...
  6. joehamiltonfan14

    Yellow....Jackets cheer

    is it just me or was this noticeably absent at BDS this fall? It’s probably our coolest cheer and sounds awesome when the entire stadium does it. Is there a reason we hardly did it this year?
  7. joehamiltonfan14

    Big men after Lammers

    Whats the plan for next year? Our backcourt will be in good shape with Alvarado, Devoe, CGB, Alston, Shembari Phillips. Hopefully Josh O is back. But what is the plan for after our front court when lammers is gone? A grad transfer? Or are we looking to sign another big man?
  8. joehamiltonfan14

    2 Staff 2 Furious

    The action-packed sequel from Director Josh Pastner and Executive Producer Mike Bobinski.
  9. joehamiltonfan14

    Mike Bobinski and The Search of Doom

    The saga continues. The discussion will continue here, at least through the next "done deal."