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  1. OldJacketFan has passed away

    My condolences.
  2. How 'Should' Tech Do in Recruiting Rank - Analysis

    I think this would open some eyes as to why Georgia Tech doesn't recruit as well in the state as people want.
  3. Gameday!!!!!!!!!

    Is the game on directv?
  4. This is worst case scenario for GT's chances vs Clemson

    I agree 100% we play at a disadvantage. As an athlete and competitor though you cannot always want to lurk in the back ground and then expect to come out on top at the end. I'd be willing to bet the players on the team have an entirely different mentality than most on this board. I grew up an...
  5. This is worst case scenario for GT's chances vs Clemson

    I'm really not that young and I do realize what you're saying. The injuries in 2015 made it an exception. Bottom line is we have to be ranked and want everyone's best if we're ever gonna be an elite team respected by the media and everyone else. Isn't that what we all want?
  6. This is worst case scenario for GT's chances vs Clemson

    Quit being pussies. Everyone wants game day, the ACC championship, and CFP; but no one ever wants to be ranked high and have a target on our backs. It's impossible to always be a sleeper and reach these goals. Part of being competitive is wanting the target and wanting everyone's best shot. We...
  7. The Leap

    Can someone photoshop a superman cape on him during "the leap"?
  8. Richt's gone

    Allegedly Smart was reached out to. Smart reached out to Muschamp, not the University. This was already planned prior to the Georgia Tech game.
  9. Richt's gone

    It's Kirby and he is bringing Mushamp. Also probably bringing strength and conditioning coach from Alabama. OC to be determined.
  10. Opportunity for exposure missed last night?

    Both of those coaches coached against FSU this year and made quotes referencing their games.