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  1. Helical piers vs push piers for foundation repair?

    Do any of y’all have any experience with either?
  2. Anybody know a good structural engineer ?

    For residential foundation issues. Thanks.
  3. Help needed watching replay...

    So my phone with Xfinity gets ACC replay with WatchESPN but my computer doesn’t? What gives?
  4. 8 GB vs 12 GB ram for laptop?

    Just ordered HP laptop i7 gen8. It came with 8 GB ram but 12 wasn’t too much more so I opted for 12. So I will have 1x4 and 1x8. Did I make a mistake? Not so much worried about potential waste of money because I may not notice any speed difference but I’m starting to worry that this...
  5. Help, PexA,B, or copper for whole house

    Pin holes in Cobb Co. SWMBO (IE ‘83) is concerned about future leaching from Pex. (Thanks to techpossum and forensicbuzz for earlier responses) . I understand Pex works but is copper worth it? And please provide link if this thread has been brought up before. Thanks!
  6. Help needed with copper pin hole leaks...

    So I have some pin hole leaks in 30 year old house in ceiling on first floor (two stories with exposed copper in un finished basement). If I replace copper in that first floor ceiling do I have to completely do entire house for resale value? Can vertical pipes in walls be left? Thanks!
  7. Any experience with medal detectors? Selling old home place. Would like to poke around. Old farm.

    Rent? What do I need? Thanks, will be my last chance. Thanks!
  8. Am I missing a full replay somewhere?

    NM Found it