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  1. Mid season questions answered... where to from here

    This is the first season under CPJ that Tech has had 4 games with over 400 yds rushing, and we still have 5 games left.
  2. Is it Possible

    You first have to judge coaches by their long-term track record. It would be hard to find a head coach with a resume better than CPJ on that basis. Sure, there will be some younger coaches that have had a few years of success at a non-P5 level, or an assistant somewhere that looks like a...
  3. Not sure when I've seen all the Tech boards so lifeless

    After watching Delaware average 5.7 yards per carry against UNC, I see this game as a litmus test for the season. I think the offense do much better this week, but if we don't get over 300 yds on the ground tomorrow, we will probably struggle to win games all year.
  4. Armchair Coaches... what do you want to see

    Tech's most favorable matchup in this game is our OL vs. Duke's DL. I would like to see us wear them down with dive plays until we are able to control the clock and score on nearly every possession. The wet conditions should favor a slow ground game with Skov and MM moving the chains up the...
  5. Duke Predictions

    Duke has been good on defense but they haven't faced a decent OL this year. I don't think they will be able to stop the BB without giving up on everything else. Tech 31 Duke 21
  6. Boomer's Keys to the Game

    This will be the first game of the season that we need to give 100% for 4 quarters, and maybe play from behind. Tech needs to resurrect the spirit of 2014 and play through adversity and maintain focus.
  7. Duke tickets

    Thanks for the advice.
  8. Duke tickets

    I will be making my first trip to Duke, and I bought tickets through the Tech AA. Does anyone have advice about where to park for some minor tailgating before or after the game?
  9. Alcorn State

    It looks like Alcorn rarely plays games against P5 teams. The only one their current players may have had experience in was against Mississippi State in 2013, which Alcorn State lost 51-7.
  10. travin henry

    Sounds like CPJ thinks he would be subtraction by addition.
  11. GT (+7) vs. Miss St.

    Tech has been rising in the polls, mostly because our defense has improved. MSU has fallen a little in the polls, probably because they were over-rated earlier in the season. If we get JHD back and the defense makes more progress, I like our chances. Our offense can match up against anybody.
  12. What concerns you most about the uga game?

    The dawgs might not be the best team in college football, but they have a disgusting amount of talent and depth. This year, Tech counters that with character, chemistry, and confidence. We might not end up with the most points, but Tech is the better Team.
  13. how laughable but sad is this?

    That is exactly why you should be offended. The NCAA does little to protect the real integrity of college sports. Instead, it has arbitrary criteria for disciplining some programs for minor issues, while it ignores or is incapable of acting on blatant ethical violations. If the NCAA has no...
  14. GT - Miami Prediction Thread

    U 27 Us 31
  15. Duke/Miami - Who to root for as GT?

    As it currently stands, it would probably be better for Tech if Duke loses to Miami as they would both have a conference loss. On the other hand, Miami has QB Ryan Williams who has apparently recovered from his knee surgery and will be challenging the freshman, Kaaya, for the starting job...