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  1. Notre Dame - 1st Trip EVER to Indiana

    Baseball program is kinda stale. Needs some new blood and energy Well I do believe regardless of how the season ends. There needs to be changes made. New pitching coach and maybe even new hitting coach. Our approach is awful at the plate. Our recruiting isnt that great. Yes, we have talent but...
  2. Notre Dame - 1st Trip EVER to Indiana

    Another fine and dandy performance by this team. I have a feeling this team is gonna get swept. Maybe this team will continue to be awful that way there might be some changes after the season. Changes have been long overdue.
  3. Notre Dame - 1st Trip EVER to Indiana

    This team is a joke. Team rarely shows any emotion and hasnt had a killer instinct in a long time. Our hitting is way overrated. I cant remember in conference play where we have just jumped on somebody. We only score a lot of runs in one inning when the game is already out of hand. Losing...
  4. Auburn - 2nd of 2

    The one thing that I saw that was really interesting is that for every mound visit Howell wasn't the one that went out there. It looked like it was MIke Nikaeus out there talking to the pitchers.
  5. Wake Forest

    It's going to be a long year when you also rely on 3 freshmen to the 3 weekend starters. How does that happen? Hall has been here 20 plus years and the pitching coach has been here for 4 years. Howell has got to go and if he isnt gone by the end of the season then Hall needs to go. I respect...
  6. Wake Forest

    This team is tough to watch. Tech is its own worst enemy. Pitching is subpar and the defense makes too many mistakes almost every game. We probably average 2 errors a game in conference. We have no first basemen this year with English out. It amazes me how year in and year out we walk people...
  7. Define 2017 Success

    I think making the Tournament is the goal this year. We will have to really improve to host a regional. I would love to see our starting pitchers improve over the course of the year. We are so young and inexperienced in the rotation. We have a chance to have a really solid rotation next year...
  8. Oklahoma

    Has Connor Thomas been injured? I had heard he was ineligible so far
  9. Oklahoma

    I will say though that we have a very young pitching staff. Curry is very talented but he is a freshman. I believe he will have some ups and downs this season. Hughes has been in the program now 2 years but he only made 3 or 4 starts last before being shut down for the year. Really Hughes is...
  10. Oklahoma

    Complete 180 from this weekend. Great pitching from Ben and Shadday. Only 2 walks the whole game and lots of K's. Hopefully we can build on it and take at least 2 of 3 against the Tar Heels.
  11. Oklahoma

    Good start so far by Ben. If he keeps it up then I would imagine he starts Sunday. Best thing so far through 3 innings is no walks
  12. Oklahoma

    Hall can stay but he needs to get rid of the pitching coach. We are not going to make a run with Howell as our coach.
  13. Miami

    There has also been multiple seasons in the past 3-4 years where we have lost 2 of our weekend starters early in the year. It's amazing they were able to make it to the NCAAs.
  14. Miami

    In 2011 we had a dominant staff with Pope, Bradley, and Grimes. I believe in 2010 and 2011 we won 20 plus in ACC. We also have made it to Omaha 3 times as well. He has made mistakes on the pitching side mainly the selection of the past two pitching coaches. You can argue that CDH era has ran its...
  15. Miami

    CDH is a pretty good coach. Our hitting and fielding is normally pretty good. Just need to make the right hire on pitching coach. So much of winning it all in college baseball is just getting hot at the right time.
  16. Miami

    Issacs was not that good even in his Senior year I believe. Heddinger had one good season. When every pitcher that is on the roster lacks command, there is a problem with coaching. You can't tell me that all of these guys are bust. We have over 20 pitchers and we can't find 5 really consistent...
  17. Miami

    Exactly. We have given them the games along with 8 errors. We have also had several mental errors too. Team looks poorly coached plain and simple. The pitching coach is in over his head. You can't tell me we don't have any pitching talent where some of these kids were ranked highly. Howell can't...
  18. Miami

    It is amazing how all of our pitchers lack command. We have hit 7 batters, walked about 17. It makes me wonder what the heck our pitching coach is doing. We have not had a winning ACC record since Howell has been our pitching coach. If our pitching doesn't drastically change, then I will be...