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  1. GT - 05-07 West Virginia Mountaineer comparison

    After watching last night’s UNC game it hit me, our team reminds me of the 05-07 WV squad. Outside of GT, this was my favorite team. A very electric offense, Sims is our Pat White, Gibbs is our Noel Divine and Dontae is our Steve Slaton. Their Defense also ran the 3 stack (aka 3-3-5). Heck even...
  2. Jordan Domineck Do it all play

    Maybe best defensive play in Tech History and getting some good recognition.
  3. 2021 Preseason Thread

    Let’s get it!
  4. Pressley Harvin Entering NFL Draft

    Here’s to hoping he’s the highest punter ever selected!
  5. David Curry Entering NFL Draft

    Pretty much expected and I wish him the best. I think he needs to focus on speed and agility drills to give himself a good chance.
  6. Off Season Priorities

    Well now that the season is over, what does everyone think needs to be addressed before spring practice? For me: 1. A kicker who is reliable from at least 40 yards. In no way should we tolerate a third year of field goal ineptitude. 2. Another OL transfer, preferably a tackle. I’m not aware...
  7. ATL Chart For Duke

    Not that it means much, but here’s this week’s ATL. Missing Griffin, Brown and Knight
  8. 24/7 True Freshmen All American List

    Jordan Williams listed as a True Freshman All American, with Jahmyr Gibbs and Jeff Sims listed as honorable mentions. List does account for opportunity, but still a nice honor and excited for them to get some recognition.
  9. Good Article on JP Mason

    A nice written piece about a guy who doesn’t get much press outside of the ATL.
  10. GT v. Clemson 04

    The ACC Network re-aired this game a few days ago and is now up on their channel for any of those wanting to revisit for a good time. This game is special to me as it was my first Tech game I ever watched. It gave me an unrealistic expectation for what most games are like as it was a helluva...
  11. Secondary

    I think we will have one of the best secondaries in the ACC and maybe the nation next year. Love this attitude by Juanyeh and the recognition from David Hale.
  12. 24/7 CGC Interview

    Nothing new, but a good avenue to market to recruits and HS coaches about our initiatives.
  13. New GT Scheme Content Creator

    Disclaimer: not my material, stumbled upon it scrolling through twitter Nothing groundbreaking, but if you enjoy schematic breakdowns, then this might be for you.
  14. Happy Anniversary Coach Geoff Collins!

    Ok a day late, but I can’t believe it has been a year already. Now go sign us some recruits!