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  1. Stats

    Just was perusing the stats at fbsdrivestats, and there are some things that really stick out to me (not counting FCS games). Not entirely sure the accuracy of the numbers, but we are WAY down on offense (no surprise there) but also worse on defense. First, the offense. This year our yards...
  2. YELLLOOWWWW!!!!!!

    Time to get over the Notre Dame negativity and get the dook positive energy flowing. Who's with me? GO JACKETS!!!!
  3. Not interchangeable

    I hope we can cool the talk on how we reload / our O is interchangeable. So many missed block today. That is all.
  4. ND Linebacker on GT

    I thought this was really awesome. You hear it a lot from our players when we go up against the FSUs and Clemsons of the world. This dude is saying its a privilege and an honor to play against US!! “I mean it’s so fun. This is one of the reasons for coming to Notre Dame, this is one of the...
  5. Ticket Sales

    Thought this was worth its own thread. Ticket sales are way up this year. Last year the following games were the lowest attended (official attendance, which I assume includes no shows and freebies): Wofford - 45.4k Duke - 44.3 k Virginia - 46.7 k Clemson - 49.4 k Now this year: Alcorn -...
  6. Dook is booring

    This is perhaps the most boring offense I've ever seen.
  7. Stones Gear

    Maybe not the right forum, but it's football related items (jersey, BDS shirt) being sold at our football stadium. What say ye? Wrong shade of gold?