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  1. Gameday RV Parking

    Old thread I know, sorry for the necro bump. Are you allowed to put down jacks / put out slides here? Is there room for that? May be in town for the Duke game this fall in our Motorhome.
  2. Who's going to South Bend?

    I'll be there, bringing the fam (4 total), sitting in section 111. Riding over from Chicago on the buses arranged by the Chicago alumni group. Can't wait!!
  3. I love TECHnology

    Maybe this is what you saw?
  4. Anybody listening to Richt Show?

    I think there's no reason to bring post-count into it. I'm a fairly regular poster on another board, just been lurking here for a while. Bringing up post-count to discredit someone's point just seems unnecessary. I agree this thread doesn't even belong in the football section, but once...
  5. Anybody listening to Richt Show?

    We can agree on that :)
  6. Anybody listening to Richt Show?

    I don't care what the name is, he doesn't pay out of his pocket for the show. No one is trying to censor anyone. If he did pay for it, then preach it up, I don't care. I'll just change the channel. But he is on the University's (sic) dime, not his own. Still their prerogative if that's how they...
  7. Anybody listening to Richt Show?

    Oh, and calling people who don't share your beliefs "freaks" doesn't seem very Christian of you.
  8. Anybody listening to Richt Show?

    Don't you see the difference between some players trying to inspire each other before / during a game, and the head coach preaching in a public forum when he is being paid to represent his school and talk football?
  9. Anybody listening to Richt Show?

    Agree 100%. Don't let these guys make you feel like you're the only one. I don't care if players are praying (or not) but I sure don't need to hear it from the coach when we are supposed to be talking football. That being said, stop listening to Richt. No sympathy for someone who subjects...
  10. Extension Agreement

    Not really. It's about more than coach's salary, although that helps. But some expanded majors more geared toward athletes and some exceptions every now and then would be nice, too.
  11. Introduce yourself

    Been lurking here for a little bit, guess I should introduce myself. CS class of 2002. Live and work just south of Denver, CO so I don't get to make it to many games anymore (made it out to Provo for the BYU loss this year) but I never miss watching on TV. Appreciate all the good info on the...