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  1. Kenyatta Watson Sr. added to the Staff

    Gone?? When did he leave?
  2. Looking at the roster...

    You skipped right over the DTs and LBs… great analysis as always though.
  3. TStan hires new CFO

    Has nothing to do with football coaches, see Deepsnap’s post above.
  4. Pre-Fall Projected Depth Chart

    That’s not a good guess.
  5. Survey for BDS

    So sad to read the comments on this thread… sincerely hope this doesn’t represent the majority of ticket buyers. As we all know, money drives everything in college football, and without more the Jackets are doomed to long term irrelevance. If we can’t support good faith efforts by GTAA to...
  6. Kaleb Oliver in the portal

    For some reason I thought this thread was about Kaleb Oliver... smh
  7. Kaleb Oliver in the portal

    Could HAVE

    Ha! Please pick against us again next week Lol
  9. Breaking News!! Artificial Turf

    Looks like the wall where it was got painted.
  10. So who leaves? Attrition.

    Wouldn’t put anything past those knuckleheads, but of course the website roster isn’t what matters, it’s the 85 scholarship limit. Sad as it is, Gowdy won’t ever actually be on scholarship.
  11. So who leaves? Attrition.

    It’s 93, not including Kerr and not including Bryce Gowdy even though he’s on the website roster.
  12. Freshmen Arrive

    Brown 87-88, corner room overlooking North/Techwood intersection... a lot of wrecks in 3 quarters... then Harrison overlooking the connector for a year...
  13. Offseason Number Changes

    So it seems that several numbers will be shared by 2 scholarship players (e.g. Dolphus and Z. Walton both 21)... while this may be ok as long as they’re not both on the field at the same time (including special teams), can’t understand why a kid wouldn’t prefer their own number... there are...
  14. Did you go to a Tech home game this year.

    All 6... 20-year season ticketholder... now that our daughter is a 2nd year student it’s a good excuse to visit her from coastal Ga
  15. News feed / Likes

    @John - posts only now, no likes. Further confirmation this is the best GT board/community by far.
  16. News feed / Likes

  17. News feed / Likes

    Thanks for the reply, but that doesn’t seem to affect the News Feed, just email notifications.
  18. News feed / Likes

    Is there a way to keep Likes from showing up in your News Feed? I’d like to only see actual posts by the fonts I follow, not have to wade through a bunch of their Likes...