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  1. Marcus Marshall Transferring

    I truly did not want to see Marcus go but I will say I told you so......
  2. Marcus Marshall

    His best friend
  3. Marcus Marshall

    his best friend
  4. Marcus Marshall

    It really doesn't bother me if y'all believe me or not that's just what I was told. People transfer all the time for other reasons that academics and playing time related reasons. Marcus is a smart kid, he makes good grades. Do you not think he could start at other places too?
  5. Marcus Marshall

    I was right about d rob... so just wait, we should hear an anoucement in the coming weeks. I don't except him back for the spring semester. We got a running back commit today also
  6. Marcus Marshall

    I think Marcus is going to be moving on after this season. The UGA game and bowl game will be his last in the white and gold.