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  1. Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    Buckle up, buttercup. You big, baby. You took control of the steering wheel for this ride we’re on. Own it.
  2. #NDvsGT 55 to Zero

    Your nose deserves to be rubbed into Geoff Collins’ mess like a dog.
  3. Money Down Poll

    I’m laying on my couch, and this makes me want to get up and yell.
  4. Money Down Poll

    F-Tuning is the only money down cue that matters to me.
  5. Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    It’s part of the weekly gameplan. Well, it usually is. The matrix of time, score, yardage, etc. is wrapped into the game planning for the week. The chart they speak isn’t the one everyone is assuming where it tells you whether or not to go for two or not. It’s the matrix described above...
  6. Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    Great idea. DJ Jazzy Geoff should now live stream coaching decisions on Instagram so we hold a fan vote for play calling.
  7. Defensive Line

    Why? Cause DJ Jazzy Geoff told you that? I think I found your source of confusion.
  8. Defensive Line

    Find me a time where anyone beat their man 1:1. I’m talking beat their man, but the ball was gone. We had 0 sacks and exactly 1 TFL from a DB and 2 QB pressures against a team that won 0 games last year and recruits in the 90s and 100s every year. Your take is crap and an excuse for...
  9. Defensive Line

    You make it seem they were a Big 12 team running 17 bubble screens Also, for your theory to be true, you’d have to tell us at what point you saw one of our DL beat his man and just not have time to get to the QB. Neither of those are true so stop making stuff up.
  10. Article Says BEST CASE Scenario Is 5-7

    DJ Jazzy Geoff isn’t sniffing any of those highlights regardless how many draft picks we attribute to him.
  11. Spring Training 2021

    It’s Year 3.
  12. Jalen Hurts @GT

    Dude walked in wearing red and black. Do not like.
  13. CPJ Tweet

    This? No way he’s got issue with that.
  14. Expectations for GT Football

    No. The rules of the game are to diminish past Tech accomplishments where ever possible. Learn to hate yourself and your team more.
  15. Expectations for GT Football

    Ya. Demands excellence then weirdly backs off that after a single post to only demanding finishing in the Top 25. Some of you think that's a good enough track record over a 11 year period. Some of us think we can do better - like competing for conference championships and NYE Bowls.
  16. Expectations for GT Football

    0 conference championships. 0 OBs.
  17. Expectations for GT Football

    It only took us 20 (conference championship) and 50 years (OB appearance) to replicate those milestones, but sure - it’s bound to be the normal under new leadership sooner or later. :rolleyes: