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  1. What some of the "money" is saying

    Can we just please go get Monken or Bohannon. Guys we were winning Coastal and ACC titles with that offense. I don’t care about NFL this and that. I just want to win again and cram the ball down people’s throats.
  2. Quarterback for next year

    Going all in on Yates. He’s the guy until sims or someone else is ready.
  3. Virginia Tech Postgame

    If that’s what you want all day then CPJ is your guy right
  4. Virginia Tech Postgame

    Agree to disagree. I think we are bowl eligible with CPJ. Hope I’m wrong, but I see Butch Jones with Collins. Hope I’m wrong cause I’d love to eat crow on it.
  5. Virginia Tech Postgame

    So with Tobias or Graham at QB with CPJ we wouldn’t be bowl eligible lol. Bro I get you played but come on lol. We beat them last year with Tobias running almost 95% of the game.
  6. Virginia Tech Postgame

    Not screaming for CPJ, but we’d at least be bowl eligible with him..if not beating these jokers.
  7. It’s Yates Time...period

    Ya, but comparing CPJ and Collins is like apples to oranges. CPJ is a hall of fame coach
  8. It’s Yates Time...period

    True it was late, but I just feel the rhythm of the offense was better. Those ball he threw were better balls then Graham IMO.
  9. Virginia Tech Postgame

    Looked more proficient in the game to me. If the WR catch the ball maybe we score(I understand your rebuttal will be they should do the same for Graham, I agree), but looked more the part to me.
  10. Virginia Tech Postgame

    Small sample size he looked more proficient to me. WR catch the ball maybe we get points, who knows(I understand your rebuttal will be WR need to do the same for Graham), but we looked more Competent with him in. Just what my eyes saw.
  11. It’s Yates Time...period

    In a small sample size, Yates is the most “QB like” on the roster.
  12. Virginia Tech Postgame

    Yates needs to start before the “Juice Crew” loses momentum. He is the most QB like on the roster. Go jackets
  13. Let’s talk...IMO this needs to happen...

    Joey Gatewood from Auburn???
  14. CGC's Pitt Postgame Press Conference

    Ding ding ding...not advocating for him to be back but this is what CPJ did in his “back to basics”
  15. Let’s talk...IMO this needs to happen...

    IMO we need to really comb through the Grad Transfer market for a QB or JUCO ranks. Nothing against James Graham, but with a Grad Transfer(or a QB ala Yates shows up in spring) I can see us winning more games than we have this season. Defense is playing great for the spots they are in. What do...
  16. Temple Post Game

    Smart move? Also, if you’ve seen practice why is Yates not getting a shot. 4 game rule come on
  17. Legitimate observation/question

    I said we had a shot. The way the Defense played and the way we ran the ball out of “option concepts” from shotgun. Go back and watch. We actually ran well
  18. Temple Post Game

    Does CGC make a move to a new OC in your opinion? I feel he has to, even though we don’t have “the players”
  19. Legitimate observation/question

    Look, definitely valid comments and assessments. I just felt the option gave us an advantage and a chance in every game. However, I know CGC doesn’t have “his” type of players. The way we ran the ball against Clemson first game. IMO I feel if we were running the option with TO at QB we have a...
  20. Legitimate observation/question

    Your right my fault