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  1. Harrell Transferring to Florida

    MONDAY JUNE 29, 2015Class in Session: First-Year Gators Started Classes on Monday The UF football team's latest batch of newcomers started classes on Monday. (File photo) By SCOTT CARTER Senior Writer GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The Gators added 16 freshmen from the 2015 signing...
  2. Harrell Transferring to Florida

    Check out SB Nation, Alligator Army and Gators Only to name a few. Believe me, he reports for team meetings on Sunday and classes on Monday.
  3. Harrell Transferring to Florida

    With just six returning scholarship linebackers returning for 2015 – and an even lesser number currently healthy – the Florida Gators have looked to a graduate transfer to improve their depth at the position ahead of the season. Former three-star recruit Anthony Harrell (Tampa, FL) has...
  4. Harrell Transferring to Florida

    You do realize that it takes AT LEAST 10 days to receive your confirmed GRE score for submission to a graduate program BEFORE the university will even begin to review your application into their graduate program. This would mean that this was a work in progress and not just - oh my, I think I...
  5. Harrell Transferring to Florida

    FWIW - you can't just get accepted into A Master's Degree program at any school in one day. Anthony has been waiting for UF's reply for his application into their graduate program. Their Acceptance Letter came today.