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  1. Pre Game Arrest

    Also had a guy with him trying to calm him down.
  2. Pre Game Arrest

    At least I thought it was Tech coaches. They pulled him off the field where Tech was warming up. I could be wrong about who he was arguing with. But he was on the field.
  3. Pre Game Arrest

    Tech coaches. Caught my attention after it started blowing up. Not sure how it all started but it was crazy.
  4. Pre Game Arrest

    Any idea who the dude was that got arrested on the field during the Pitt pre game warm ups? I saw him jawing with some coaches then spit on the State Trooper and get cuffed. But never heard what it was all about.
  5. #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    I’m letting Gibbs run that safety kick back. Helluva effort though. Play like that and we’ll win some games. Love the huddle on offense. Great move there.
  6. Money Down Poll

    just completed a survey about the game experience last Saturday. Wrote a lengthy plea for them to stop “Money Down.” Hopefully others will do the same. Social media is a powerful tool. Maybe fans should hit up Tech’s Twitter feeds about this.
  7. LSU requires vaccination for attendance

    Nope, just if GT puts in a mandate.
  8. LSU requires vaccination for attendance

    CEO at our local hospital told me half of the cases currently admitted were vaccinated. Being vaccinated doesn’t prevent you from getting it, or spreading it. I’ve been vaccinated but Don’t want my kids to be vaccinated yet. Per our pediatrician there’s not enough info to make an informed...
  9. Expansion Talk 2021

    The best thing the ACC could do is create interesting games. To do that you need a North and South division. Put the following in the South: GT FSU Clempsum Miama NC NC State Puke The rest go North. If ND joins stock them in North and add UCF in South and alternate crossovers.
  10. GT opens - 5.5 versus USF

    Collins keeps preaching he’s going to run a pro style offense to prepare our kids for the NFL. We didn’t do that last week. Don’t see too many NFL quarterbacks running that much. At some point what you’re selling to recruits has to be true. Kids aren’t stupid. I want to win. Period. Don’t...
  11. Press conference 6:30 PM Eastern.

    Yes he can. As a matter of fact, he’s already done it at Tech....under two different coaching regimes. Half the battle is having high school kids believe they can get to the NFL with the offense and defense we run.
  12. Improvements to BDS and game attendance and atmosphere...

    That’s where I sit. It’s been thinning out for a while. Used to always be full. We just have too many seats.
  13. Improvements to BDS and game attendance and atmosphere...

    Ok, just bring another 9,000 or so with you for the next game so it’s not embarrassingly empty! :)
  14. Improvements to BDS and game attendance and atmosphere...

    I think the upper North stands should be taken out and a row of box seats put in. Or offices or something. We need about 48,000 seats. 48,000 full looks a lot better than 56,000 80% full. 48,000 in that stadium is loud too.
  15. When was the last time...

    Death by 1,000 cuts.
  16. Marshall to start versus UNC...

    The offense runs quicker with TO. Our offense seems to respond a little more positively when he comes in. What can’t be overlooked is having Cooper, Braun, and Hansen established as our interior. When you’ve got good blocking, all the backs look good. That being said, there’s just something...
  17. Fill up Dodd!

    Best thing we can do to help our team. Let’s get it done.
  18. Up the vibe!

    Someone send this article to Stansbury. I can’t take much more of the stupid video board stuff like shots of people playing fake bongos. I mean, we’re getting our cans kicked, the atmosphere is flat, and we’ve got some dumb skit playing on the video board. It doesn’t get much more bush league...
  19. East Stands were embarrasing

    There is one thing that will create a “buzz” with a fan base and that is recruiting. When was the last time we landed a recruit that created true excitement, much less a class. As much as Georgia wins, when you talk to their fans what they talk about most is their latest Johnny 5 star they’ve...
  20. Continuity of Offensive line

    I think if we’re going to have a great offense, we need some continuity on our O-line. Having guys play 3 different positions throughout fall camp and during the season is counter productive. I know we want the “best 5” out there, but moving them around constantly hurts us I believe.