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  1. AD Candidate List

    I’m thinking we probably had some stuff in motion before this week if we plan to make an AD hire that quickly.
  2. AD Candidate List

    Go with someone with experience at an "academic" school with little fan support. You were awesome at Ohio State or Oklahoma? I don't care, that's not who we are and if you try to use your past experiences there you will fail here. Stanford, Duke, Wake, Vanderbilt, Cal, I'm sure theres some G5...
  3. Does the AD need to be hired first before a coach?

    Lots of places have versions of this already:
  4. HC Candidate List

    Would love that. But just like Gus Malzahn recruited Nick Marshal and never hit on a QB for his every again, I don’t think you can assume he’s going to keep getting those types of players. Even Gus was able to OC at least one other QB at a high level even if he didn’t recruit him. Jimbo Fisher...
  5. HC Candidate List

    What if we get the Chadwell that went 2-6 in conference without Grayson McCall? Or the one that went 3-9 without Grayson McCall? It isn't as blinding as you think, there are legitimate concerns that his success are more due to having a great QB for his system more than anything else.
  6. Any word on who the Interim Coach will be?

    I see the UCF head coach thing a lot of places, but from quickly looking at it on Wikipedia it says some guy named Danny Barrett was the interim HC at UCF, not Key. Does anyone have insight into which it was?
  7. HC Candidate List

    2021 changed everything though. NIL deals mean Louisville can pull the #1 RB out of Texas and have a top 20 class. I think the idea we can't get top 25 classes based on pre NIL days is a bad hypothesis. It also means we need to rely less on a great recruiter.
  8. HC Candidate List

    You want guys who have had relationships with recruits which is why you want P5 guys. I don’t think any of Chadwell’s staff is recruiting in the same pool we are. If they are great recruiters (no clue yet if they are) the earliest you would see it is the class of 2025. That’s a big hole to dig...
  9. Geoff Collins worst GT coach of all time

    I would also like to clarify that Paul Johnson (or the AD or whoever makes these decisions) also didn't have DMo officially on salary as a staffed position. This wasn't just on Collins alone, GT as a whole didn't really compensate him for his value while Shane Beamer did.
  10. Does the AD need to be hired first before a coach?

    I believe that, but the press release said we are hiring a search firm so hopefully we can get a third party to make the interview list.
  11. HC Candidate List

    They will hire the AD first is my guess as well. I was just talking about us fans opinion on the current names, as none of us really matter and this whole thread is just for fun at the end of the day. I think there's lots of unanswered questions that we should wait to see before declaring being...
  12. Any word on who the Interim Coach will be?

    I don't know if coaching this team is considered a reward. More like career suicide.
  13. HC Candidate List

    We need to wait the rest of the season to see with lots of these guys. If Chadwell loses Grayson McCall for the season (unsure of how bad his injury is) and goes 4-4 do we still like him? If he goes 8-0 do the people (like me) change their mind? What if Primetime loses the Celebration Bowl...
  14. HC Candidate List

    And the DC he hired for that 2012 PSU squad? Ted Roof. Time is a flat circle.
  15. HC Candidate List

    75 is including the transfers. HS recruiting was 122. So why doesn’t he have a top 10 class? Why did he only sign 1 4 star and 1 5 star? Because all the other 4 stars told him No. Because the level of recruiting is always limited by the school you’re at. Georgia Tech has a limit of how high...
  16. Stansbury and Collins Dismissed

    It was GOL more than the donors last time. I do think they have a bigger say than they should especially because they don't contribute like Tennessee or Auburn's donors. They can meddle all they want if they start buying 5-star players for us. Annoying when they do and we still worry about...
  17. HC Candidate List

    So did Collins though. His HS recruiting was mostly just above average but he was able to grab a bunch of 4 stars/former 4 stars from the portal. It doesn't seem like a great strategy for us so far and I personally think we are going to be in major trouble next year and the year after because of...
  18. Stansbury and Collins Dismissed

    Yes. They also hired DRad who was garbage.
  19. HC Candidate List

    Why hasn't he talked more into committing to to JSU then? I think he had Hunter, 1 4star, and the rest were 3 stars last year. Houston landed a 5star kid once. We landed Calvin Johnson once. Howard landed a 5star basketball recruit. Some people just want to go to certain school because of...
  20. HC Candidate List

    Still lost the Celebration bowl by 3 TDs. Can't hang with well coached teams even with his talent advantage. Maybe if he can break 20 rushing yards if he makes it this year we should look at him lol