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  1. On this day in 2004...

    I was there. Had gone to the 1990 Final Four and witnessed the loss to UNLV in the first game. Following that loss we flew back to Atlanta. Went to SA with a friend from my school days at GT. We flew into Houston and made the drive to SA. stayed in a budget hotel on the outskirts of SA. What an...
  2. Game Thread - @ Louisville,1/22

    This may have been our best played game this season especially considering the competition and on the road. Turnovers again really hurt our chances but somehow didn’t feel like 17. Maybe it was the type of turnover but nonetheless a trip down without a shot at the basket.
  3. Game Thread - UVA, 1/18/2020

    Give Bennet our players and it’s a sweet 16 team.
  4. Game Thread - @ UGA, 11/20/2019

    Not going to win many this year allowing 82 points. Got to get the defense in order.
  5. Game Thread - @ UGA, 11/20/2019

    Not quitting but we’ve got to show up to play every night. Especially against the Dawgs. Shouldn’t need any extra motivation
  6. Game Thread - @ UGA, 11/20/2019

    We’re not moving without the ball. Too much one on one basketball.
  7. Game Thread - @ UGA, 11/20/2019

    UGA is playing with more passion. Thought we’d bring more.
  8. Fire CJP + State of the Program

    Other than a hope and a prayer it seems like there is no objective in our offensive scheme.
  9. Miami Postgame

    Can't see why we blame this on the D when the offense gains under 300 yards. This is a game when the D was really worn down at the end of the game and dealing with starter injuries.
  10. Miami Postgame

    Well. When does basketball season start