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  1. 2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    As someone that works in distribution, this can be normal, especially for smaller e-commerce shops. When they receive your order, they shipper will go ahead and "route" your order through UPS, which generates a label for the shipper to use to go pick the product (process is called pick to...
  2. 2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    I thought this was interesting to find in the catalog...
  3. GT ATL Hats

    For the record, you are negotiating what you get again - now you are saying $75 for a hat as well as a tour of the stadium by one of our coaches. Anyway, I'll be done here. Could things always improve? Yes. Is it disheartening and frustrating to see our fans complain about this opportunity...
  4. GT ATL Hats

    I completely understand, a lot of individuals and businesses are struggling, including our own athletic department. Honest question, should they stop looking for unique ways to try to raise funds to make up the deficit they’re facing?
  5. GT ATL Hats

    $200 to the support the swarm fund. Not to a retailers pocket. It is what it is. GT is finally doing some cool stuff and giving fans the opportunity to get some cool gear typically reserved for only the team/staff in an effort to find a unique way to raise money and the majority of the comments...
  6. GT ATL Hats

    it’s not about getting upset over people who aren’t in the position to donate. It’s frustrating for people complaining they only get a hat for donating $200 and trying to negotiate where “if GT gave me more value I’d donate $200”.
  7. GT ATL Hats

    You aren’t paying $200 for a hat. Stop thinking of it that way. Stop saying “sell a hat for $200”. This isn’t about value or efficiency or getting the most for your money. Go to Goodwill for that. It’s about raising as much money as possible for the GTAA (not using 3/4 of it to design and make...
  8. GT ATL Hats

    Guys its a fundraising campaign. You aren't paying $200 for a hat, you are making a $200 donation to the GTAA and getting a cool hat as a thank you. This is how you raise money and compete with the big boys. I'll be making a donation this week to continue the support of the football program
  9. OFFICIAL BDS unveil video

  10. Breaking News!! Artificial Turf

    That is quite literally the example of using it as an accent color man lol
  11. 2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    Well, I might be making a trip down to see then. Need to get the toddler his first real GT jersey as well, so might knock it all out
  12. 2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    Which baseball hats did they have? I've been wanting the white hat with a blue bill and gold GT but they haven't had it in a while...
  13. The Official 2019 Adidas Swag Thread

    As has been said before 95% of the stuff Collins wears is custom made by print shops locally. That is a basic navy adidas shirt that GT has gotten created by a local shop. The same with all the Compete shirts, 404TheCulture, etc.
  14. Wesley Wells

    I completely agree that CGC has a plan for optimal roster construction. My point was more along the lines of, it's not as simple as just giving good walk ons scholarships right away. You need to take scholarship limits, class balancing and position balancing into account. To put it frankly, it's...
  15. Wesley Wells

    Where do these magical scholarships come from though? You can only have 85 at a given time. If you are full at 85, and come early signing period in December already have commitments from prospects that get you back to 85 for next year and nobody leaves early - where do the extra scholarships...
  16. Bowl game Uni.... some will need a suicide watch

    Did someone say "as recently as the 70s" when describing GT? The 70s was over 40 years ago - that's not recent... Also, there's no way we're in the same category as ND and PSU right now. ND looked way better than us when we played, is in the playoffs this year and played in a national...
  17. Adidas Swag watch 2018

    They were on the mannequins at the launch party
  18. New Uniforms Revealed

  19. New Uniforms Revealed

    Yep, I talked to Todd tonight and they intentionally invited Young Alumni for 2 reasons I think: 1. We put in all over social media. Me and the group of 6 I knew there are all had it on Snap/Insta/Twitter as it was happening. 2. Engage young alumni to start giving back. I know after tonight I...
  20. GT Bowl Projections

    You say that, but the TaxSlayer bowl kicks off at 11:00 AM, so that will actually lower our average start time