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  1. So sick of this.

    I'll eat crow. Never been happier to be wrong. And for you. President Trump
  2. Lightbulb

    So sick of this.

    Make Georgia Tech Great Again!
  3. Ted Roof's job

    Southern and Duke are not guaranteed wins. Especially Duke. TECH could lose ever game left on the schedule. The loss Saturday hurt. Next Saturday is scary.
  4. Ted Roof's job

    So the 5th DC is the answer. CPJ has been here 9 years. 2014 was a year of lucky breaks. Take that year out and PJ has produced a .500 football team. With a piss poor attitude towards everyone. It's time for a new sheriff.
  5. 6-6 I Doubt it.

    GT better be careful. 7 days from now might be a very dark time in GT Football. When does basketball start