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  1. Coastal Race Going Into Week 12

    Wake up Atomic. You act like Georgia Tech has such a winning tradition. As a former player, I am glad to see Paul Johnson as our coach. He is the second all time winningest coach in Tech history by percentage. His offense is ranked # 1 in 12 categories in ACC. You talk about recruiting, do you...
  2. Exciting times just around the corner!

    JT needs a great year... If you look over last ten years we have produced some of the best WR in the pros!
  3. Whatchall thank?

    I hope he has a GREAT year !
  4. Athlete Depression

    Athletes have a lot on their plate but so do regular students who aren't on scholarship and have school loans and having to work part time jobs....
  5. Louis Young

    Good Luck!!
  6. Early season gametimes to be released today

    I wish we had a night game early because it's so hot
  7. Wofford game

    Ayers has done a good job at Wofford but I think we win this one easily. Great game to break in our quarterbacks before traveling to Tulane
  8. GTSwarm chat is open

    Good way to communicate
  9. Summer workouts

    SC staff is probably most important because they spend more time with the kids
  10. 99 days till GT Football..

    Can't wait till those autumn afternoons
  11. 2014 Schedule

    Virginia Tech game and Miami game are the crucial ones to the season
  12. GT had more players drafted than UGA

    Never let UGA for get it
  13. GT Stat Question

    I couldn't find anyone who had stats of 3 and out percentage
  14. Anthony Williams

    Coaches always play the ones that show they are capable of playing by how they practice..
  15. Daddy Days

    Great interview
  16. A brief look at the 2013 recruiting class

    There were fewer scholarships that year
  17. A few roster notes

    OL is the key and I would think you wouldn't want to fall under that number
  18. What the What?

    Margin of victory is a stupid analysis depending on who it's agsinst.
  19. Georgia Tech has a official visitor coming in

    I think he ends up here!
  20. Depth and Conditioning

    Depth at OL and RB in my opinion is key going into year