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  1. I like this quote from Mike Pelton

    No question. Been a major addition to the staff and really has made a major impact. Look forward to next year
  2. Horrible Record

    You people are crazy. You act like Georgia Tech Football was so great before Paul Johnson. Be careful what you wish for. Paul Johnson has been more successful at Tech than any other coach during his tenure besides Bobby Dodd. You guys act like we owned the big 4 before Johnson got here. Johnson...
  3. Will one of our QB's step up like JN did?

    Hoping for a great year
  4. 2014 Offense Prediction: Return of the Midline Lead Option

    Look forward to seeing qb development
  5. Freshmen get numbers

    Exciting class
  6. Louisville officially joins ACC today

    Where will they finish
  7. I think Mark Bradley.......

    I don't read his cominns
  8. Tech recreceivers making $$$

    Great article
  9. Louisville officially joins ACC today

    Looks to be a great addition
  10. Brad Waggoner

    Heck if everyone liked everyone it would be a perfect world. I'm just glad to see someone excited about Georgia Tech and is working their tail off to bring us the best prospects to our program!
  11. Brad Waggoner

    Let's keep reeling them in and I believe OL will be improved