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  1. The first Tech depth chart since 2018

    The defense was 4-2-5 Effort Based. Now it's just a regular 4-2-5. Effort wasn't working, I guess. Offense is still a Spread Pro-Style (and has been since he showed up), which literally means nothing. That's just throwing two football words together and adding style at the end. It makes no...
  2. Does the AD need to be hired first before a coach?

    Giving boosters a say almost never works well. Look at Auburn, Alabama pre-Saban, LSU pre-Saban (hell, go back to the 30s when the biggest booster was also the governor of Louisiana. How many titles did Huey Long get in Baton Rouge?), Texas, USC, etc etc etc;. Time and again big boosters...
  3. HC Candidate List

    It worked pretty well against Clemson over the weekend.
  4. HC Candidate List

    Clawson does have that weird long handoff that throws a defense off. Their mesh legitimately takes 2 seconds, and I have no idea how it works as well as it does.
  5. Does the AD need to be hired first before a coach?

    Boosters need to learn to stay hands off. They are not nearly as knowledgeable about running an athletics department as they think they are. One of Saban's big successes at LSU and Alabama was getting the boosters in line and under control. We need an AD that can do the same.
  6. Does the AD need to be hired first before a coach?

    No, it's not necessary. Interim AD and president can make the hire if necessary. You'd obviously prefer to get the AD in place first, but it's not a requirement.
  7. Any news?? (stage 3: press coverage)

    We don't save any money unless we wait until Jan 1, and you cannot wait that long to make a change. We would need to have the new coach in place by mid-December to give them a chance at piecing together a recruiting class, and the coaching market will be dry if we wait that long anyway.
  8. If a change is made...

    Thought this was an intriguing quote: May be worth a shot.
  9. Any news?? (stage 3: press coverage)

    I think the contract structure stuff is largely overblown. The vast majority of contracts these days are 6 years, so a 7th year on top for "transition reasons" seems reasonable. Buyout dropping on Jan 1 instead of after the season or as each game goes by is pretty poor, but that might be a...
  10. Moneyball

    This is actually an area where I think Stansbury has been solid. He's definitely beefed up our fundraising ability, which has partially helped fill the gap of the ACC's disastrous media rights deal. We really need to find a way out of that TV deal fast.
  11. Thacker should be done

    While you can pick and choose some good stats on defense (havoc seems to be good, high numbers of tackles for loss and all), the aggregate still isn't good. 112th in defensive SP+, 107th in defensive FEI. Against Ole Miss we gave up a 50% success rate, 7 yards per play, 9.5 yards per pass...
  12. Any news?? (stage 3: press coverage)

    You cannot wait until that January date. That is absolutely not possible. You'll be behind every single other coaching search, you won't have any recruiting class, you'll lose any chance to play the transfer portal, you'll be fighting for scraps for the staff for whatever also-ran coach you...
  13. Any news?? (stage 3: press coverage)

    It looks like there was an amendment dealing with COVID-19. Check section 2.4.
  14. Any news?? (stage 3: press coverage)

    Yeah, so it doesn't matter if we fire him now or sometime later in the season. We cannot wait until January 1st for this for a wealth of reasons, so there really isn't a good reason to wait.
  15. If a change is made...

    Traylor is a Texas guy. Might be a bit of a Texas version of Collins, but he's got proof of concept at UTSA. I really don't know if we can pull him away, and even if we did I see him at either TAMU or UT-Austin first chance he gets.
  16. If a change is made...

    I'd argue Kansas was far more dead than we are. Problem with Leipold in my opinion is his age: he's already 58.
  17. If a change is made...

    Lebby could work. ODU's guy is interesting, worth watching. The Virginia area is full of talent. He can use his staff to beef up Georgia connections. I tend to think area-fits are largely over-rated: get a good coach and they'll make the right connections. Chadwell is still tops in my...
  18. When Was The Last Time You Had Fun Watching A Tech Game?

    2018 VT stands out. Always loved watching PJ spam one play for 8+ yards and seeing a defense want to claw their eyes out.
  19. Any news?? (stage 3: press coverage)

    Contract has to be an open record, right? Anyone able to find the actual contract?
  20. Any news?? (stage 3: press coverage)

    Hm, maybe I misheard. The FTRS podcast is supposed to get into it as well, we'll see what they find. Contracts can be confusing. If it is just the Jan 1 date, then it really doesn't make sense why we don't can him now.