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  1. Coach Brent Key Scenario

    I am not so much in counting the wins but am watching for the improvement in execution, competitiveness especially in the fourth quarter, lack of embarrassment in special teams, play calls, penalties, clock management, red zone O and D, and sideline clowns , not feeling we lost because we got...
  2. Simplify. Execute. Win.

    Rugby kick until I knew I had the punting fixed. Cut the number of plays down for now and target more often who gets the ball based on past success (D smith more running and screens and McCollum and Rutherford receiving) Run more power plays and more two back sets Concentrate on first down...
  3. New beginnings

    Unfortunately White is a super senior playing his last year.
  4. If a change is made...

    We do not need a coach with a successful resume with lots of player talent. We need a sharp, tough young coach who has made a mark with a shortage of talent but who has innovated, got the most from his limited talent, and developed and got the players in the right spot to take advantage of their...
  5. Nobody Cares

    If the coaches have given up on the game with 3.5 minutes left why is the backup QB not in the game? You cannot be a winning football player and make unsuccessful plays to protect from getting hit. You cannot be a leader on the football team and fail to make plays while giving the appearance...
  6. Welp. UCF 27 - GT 10

    Milton made the play against the Dawgs, White made the play against Pitt. I believe Milton's play put the ball out of bonds on the 2 and we then got a fumble recovery on our goal line stand to prevent the score. White's play was very much like McCollum's. All three plays were great individual...
  7. Welp. UCF 27 - GT 10

    My mistake: pre snap penalties.
  8. Welp. UCF 27 - GT 10

    Poor coaching, lack of discipline, and red zone play calling no doubt but some blame for situational awareness is on the players, for example the QB not running for the sticks on possession downs, receivers not routing to the sticks on possession downs, D players giving away 3rd down stops with...
  9. Welp. UCF 27 - GT 10

    Agree. Same effort and result as the Pitt play in 2014 I believe and a similar play against UGA. Both players in past games got to the NFL. Great job McCollum.
  10. Welp. UCF 27 - GT 10

    Why would any player deliberately run out of bounds on 4th down short of the line to gain to maintain possession (especially when behind in the game)? We have repeated examples of such on unsuccessful third downs but today it happened on 4th down. Give up message clear!
  11. Welp. UCF 27 - GT 10

    The punter has been blamed for being too slow to kick, the snapper has been blamed for low snaps, the team has failed to block everyone needed. I will add that the punter pre-snap is lining up 13 1/2 yards deep (as opposed to 15) and he steps up after catching the snap as well. No excuse for 4...
  12. Welp. UCF 27 - GT 10

    About a dozen game losing mistakes, mostly in the first half. Kicking game once more embarrassing. Can't play D without Charlie T. In spite of another bad game we did show some improvement on D but 5 trips to the red zone without a score is crushing.
  13. Ole Miss @ GT

    We can blame the low snap or the slow to kick but in this case it was another coaching issue of not getting lined up properly to block everyone we needed to block. We make a lot of mistakes but good coaching would go a long way to eliminate a lot of them. It seems the good coaching retired and...
  14. Georgia Tech football stats - 9/19/2022 - It's worse than you thought

    The stats are what you would expect after watching every Collins game. Historically POOR. Today the worst was the awful first down play calling and execution. I counted (and maybe missed some) 11 plays on our first downs where we made one yard or less. The second worst was not trying a backup...
  15. Georgia Tech football stats - 9/19/2022 - It's worse than you thought

    And Washington, Oliver, and Yates and others.
  16. PFF Week 2 Grades

    I agree that the run impacts shortening the game but we were still snapping the ball with lots of time on the run clock. Not the best way to shorten the game.
  17. Defensive Stats after 2 games

    Absolutely. When they rush straight at the QB he most often jukes/fakes inside and then beats our rusher outside (where we no longer have anybody). If our rusher would charge about a yard or so outside the QB, breakdown with outside position, the QB has no choice in the matter and must go inside...
  18. Clemson 41 - GT 10

    Fusile was at RG and Williams at RT most of the game. Fusile is a second year player on this team and evidence indicates that he earned his spot in camp. There are some real issues with this team like TE and WR performance, STs, penalties, and continued coaching issues.
  19. Clemson 41 - GT 10

    Overall Sims looked much better. He did however throw an easy pick six that was dropped and on another play looked like the old Sims in panic and made a bad decision throw that should have been an interception. Too many side ways throws for no yardage and too few throws to get the ball up field...

    Daughter and I in mezz section. Go DS and McD