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  1. Fire CJP + State of the Program

    He’s back next year regardless. Next year is the crucial season, this turns into a more veteran ball club and his guys. He needs to land a wing player who can score either via transfer or a late signee. Huge swing and miss so far with this class. This staff is getting their asses kicked on the...
  2. LeBarrie suspended indefinitely?

    Hate it for Darryl. There was no chance he was coming back. Decision was made weeks ago. Time to move on.
  3. Mark Price Assistant Coach?

    Lmao. Not happening. Mark doesn’t want to recruit, he’s not gonna put in the time that Josh will demand. Plus, that’s a terrible situation for Josh- the minute he starts struggling in another year or two people will start calling for Mark to take over. No way he puts himself in that position.
  4. LeBarrie suspended indefinitely?

    Pretty sure Darryl already knows he won’t be back.
  5. Pastner Staff Thread

    New Strength Coach...replacing Bewley
  6. Pastner Staff Thread

    Home. Run. Love that Mario is back at GT. He's a great ambassador and will be tremendous. Awesome guy and hard worker.
  7. Pastner Wardrobe Watch

  8. Pastner Staff Thread

    Pretty sure Salim lives in ATL...he does have his degree though so who knows, maybe. Damon might be putting a bug in Josh's ear to add him too.
  9. Pastner Staff Thread

    He's been offered D1 asst jobs and D2 head jobs; Clark ATL just offered him the head spot too in April...Pastner offered him the spot at Memphis a few years ago and White turned it down. The key with him is he wanted to move when the time was right for him and his family...he also really wanted...
  10. Pastner Staff Thread

    One more spot if he chooses to fill on the support side...Jon Michael Nickerson
  11. Pastner Staff Thread

    I'm happy with it...Hardy is a nice surprise...he went experience heavy and that is probably a good thing; very solid staff on paper- now lets see what they can do!
  12. Pastner Staff Thread

    Huff is out...
  13. Pastner Staff Thread

    I think Claude was more involved there.
  14. Pastner Staff Thread

    He's out...he was told today he won't be getting a spot.
  15. Pastner Staff Thread

    Right, its solid overall...very happy if we get Schrage, he was one from the beginning I really liked; I think he will do well.
  16. Pastner Staff Thread

    Sounding like it may be- Conroy Schrage LaBarrie or Sharman Possibly Jon Michael Nickerson for Player Dev I'll be pretty disappointed if neither Huff or Sharman get a spot...not sounding like Huff will...Sharman is still a toss up
  17. Pastner Staff Thread

    They both would like to be on just matters if JP wants both; He has pretty much told Huff he won't be a bench spot so Huff told him he'd take an Ops spot, he just wants to be a part of it.
  18. Pastner Staff Thread

    He has two guys- Roger Powell, who he was bringing with him from Valpo and Jake Diebler from Ohio State. JP will get a solid staff in place soon...not really worried about it.
  19. Pastner Staff Thread

    Sharman would have more pull nationally to go along with local...he's coaching the Jordan Brand game this Friday; the USA basketball ties are huge as well.
  20. Pastner Staff Thread

    I'd be happy with either...both good coaches, good recruiters, and great individuals.