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  1. Scrimmage notes?

    Anyone able to attend the scrimmage today that can share some info?
  2. Clemson ATL?

    Doesn’t it normally come out on Thursday?
  3. Is Key already active?

    Is everything completed and he already on the road recruiting for us? Can’t wait to see more of the energy happening!
  4. Streaming on Roku tv?

    Anyone know if/how I can stream the game on a Roku TV by chance?
  5. Bryan/Marshall?

    Did they announce final/official word on Will and Andrew for today?
  6. HurricaneJacket

    Alcorn TV coverage?

    I want to record it, like I do all of our games, and can't find it in DirectTV. Its not a huge deal, because I will be in the stadium with @LadyHurricaneJacket , but still inquiring minds want to know.
  7. Shamire?

    Didnt get to see all of the game, what did Shamire hurt?
  8. Spring practice?

    When does the team start practice?
  9. Injuries? Devine?

    Hey guys, do we know if we had any significant injuries Thursday night? I didn't see why Devine went out just heard them talking about it later. Is he going to miss time? Thanks!
  10. Currently north of Charlotte, thinking of South Tampa for job move?

    Hey folks, my family of 5 is currently considering some options to potentially make a move to the Tampa, FL area from just north of Charlotte, NC. Wondering if any of my fellow Swarmers have any thoughts or experience in the area? We're doing lots of research and have a pretty good list of...
  11. When does camp start?

    Does anyone know when the players start camp to get ready for Ireland?
  12. TV coverage for the Heels?

    Haven't had a chance to research yet, but what is our coverage for the game tomorrow? Thanks in advance!
  13. Type of Plays?

    For those of you who are a bit more knowledgeable… Were most of the plays that Marshall and Skov were successful on straight gives or were they option plays?
  14. WATCHESPN Coverage?

    Can anyone confirm the game will be shown on watch ESPN tonight? It shows as an option currently, but sometimes it blacks out.
  15. Isaiah Willis?

    Does anyone know if he is back at practice?
  16. Site not working on Chrome

    Eric/others-I am not able to get to the site on my computer using Chrome browser. I have a very old IE that still works, but it says there is a certificate error (which I just bypass)... but I mostly use Chrome as my newest updated browser. Is there something I can do to fix this or is there a...
  17. Chat transcript?

    Eric, is there any possibility of posting or letting us see a full version of the chat transcript for yesterday? My chat window only ever goes back to show partially. This would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Devine against Clemson?

    May have missed this, but I didn't see the big guy much against Clemson...was he hurt of something else? (Or maybe he was in there more then I thought?)
  19. Shout out to Snoddy!

    Lost in the shuffle and frustrations, I want to recognize Broderick for a great game last night!!
  20. Injuries other than Johnson?

    I know IJ has "undisclosed". Were there any other folks that left due to injury yesterday?