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  1. Buzzwax

    CJP has installed CPJ'S Offense.....

    Reading Seguiras AJC article regarding the win at NCST....hilarious.... It just felt great seeing our offense kind of come together. We work on it every day, just repetition, repetition. We have so many options off of the same play, and it was kind of fun to see ourselves being able to execute...
  2. Buzzwax

    Senior Appreciation Charles Perkins #21, RS SR, Became a Jacket on 2/01/09

    In a post I submitted In a post I submitted prior to CP's first spring practice.....Post senior season ajc top 50 had him the BEST RB in the state that year with our overall class having 9 of the top 50 players in the state, not a bad class!!! This is one of the reasons why I am very...
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    CTR on 680 in moments Link....
  4. Buzzwax

    NFL prospects on this Team

    Underclassmen - DJ White, Gotsis, Golden, JHD, Burden Devine, Braun, Gamble?
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    Who would have thought this season would have turned out this way after the way the season started. Me and my fellow GT family couldn't believe how bad the defense was and thought we were in for another 'barely make it to a bowl season'. Then we were boat raced against UNC and couldn't help...
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    Per MSU butt hurt msg board poster our DB's getting hurt were a ploy to disrupt the rhythm of MSU's O......if so, not a bad idea actually! If I were Ohio St. I'd think pretty hard about this to slow down Oregon....
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    looking ahead B Back

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    Congrats Corey Dennis

    Time to get you and your mind right! How dare you allow all of these shenanigans and distractions to occur prior to the almighty games between Ms State and Bama! My daughter can wait!
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    This is a great post! A winning culture that goes beyond mediocrity and a team we know can beat anyone on the schedule next year is about all this Jacket fan could ever want! I just plan to keep expectations in wins and losses to 8 - 4 being in every game like this year. If we could just get...
  10. Buzzwax

    Gaudin and RODDY JONES!

    @spacecat - youtube is awesome. Who knew Malcom Mitchell knows how to read....
  11. Buzzwax

    Introduce yourself

  12. Buzzwax

    Gaudin and RODDY JONES!

    - UGAG radio call of the kick! - UGAG radio call of OT!! - GT call "Kick and Pick" "For the next 365 days the State of Georgia belongs to Georgia Tech!!"
  13. Buzzwax

    2015 Depth Chart

    EDIT - I just read a good bit of the Henderson recruiting thread and wow! Looks like an early enrollee that probably makes the rotation at DT!!
  14. Buzzwax

    2015 Depth Chart

    Yep, see he's up to 285 per Scout but still listed as a DE. I'd agree he will be a DL before too long.
  15. Buzzwax

    Breakout players in 2015

    Cottrell! Leggett and Lands Davis!! AJ Grey somewhere on the field!! BEAST!!
  16. Buzzwax

    2015 Depth Chart

    To continue the "Next Year" thread here are the links to our current roster sorted by position and our commit list for 2015......We are far deeper at several positions than I thought!!
  17. Buzzwax

    highlight video from UGA victory

    Great compilation!!! As crazy as that game was, just look at the INT in overtime.......DJ White BOBBLES the ball before he goes down.....or was his knee down before the bobble? Either way he hangs on before taking a 'hip' and SWEET VICTORY at last!!! Just didn't notice any 'bobble' prior to...
  18. Buzzwax

    I don't think this guy got the memo.

    Shame this game was not seen on a more national level!! We need to win this game in ATLANTA next year! We haven't done that since 51-48 and Joe Ham in 1999!,_Old-Fashioned_Hate
  19. Buzzwax

    Synjyn's long run

    THREE UVA players on the play side are unblocked and Days runs right by them all.....