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  1. DvilleJacket

    Lucas Johnson

    Dude is balling out tonight! Glad he's doing well.
  2. DvilleJacket

    Friday Night Lights

    One of my favorite movies and I watch some if not all everytime I get a chance. My question is, does people see any similarities in Paul Johnson and Billy Bob Thorntons character? Billy bobs demeanor reminds me alot of Paul's. Anybody agree?
  3. DvilleJacket

    3 temple players drafted

    Temple 3 Tech 0. Coach Collins gonna get some Tech players drafted again!
  4. DvilleJacket

    Collin Sexton going off!

    Man we could've used a stud like this for even one season! Kid is a 4.0 student too. Will we ever get guys like this again from our own state? Glad he didn't choose the mutts is bout the only thing you can say.
  5. DvilleJacket

    Other football fans are clueless

    I was recently in Daytona on vacation and met a Clemson fan. Asked him how he thought they would do this year and he replied about what I expected from a fan that's team played in the title game. When I told him I was a Tech fan he immediately got to ranting how Tech needs to fire Johnson that...
  6. DvilleJacket

    Holding call on Joe was killer

    If only the run Justin made for the td would have counted. I know football is a lot of what ifs, but still. The season is still young and we got a lot to play for still!
  7. DvilleJacket

    What happened to Whitehead?

    havent seen him play any. Is he hurt or just not playing?
  8. DvilleJacket

    Sugarloaf mills

    Went there today with my family and hoped to purchase a new Tech hat. The lids store had one! We have more Georgia Tech merchandise here in Athens! Why is it so bad that a Mall so close to campus has no Tech merchandise but a whole wall of ugag ones?
  9. DvilleJacket

    Jemea getting some playing time

    I just turned the shrine game on and he is playing right now.
  10. DvilleJacket

    legarrette Blount

    This guy was thought of as a thug after punching a Boise State player after a game. High risk player who was given a chance by the league and making the most of it. Jonathan Dwyer in the same draft came into the combine out of shape and his stock dropped. I've watched these two running backs and...
  11. DvilleJacket

    I miss Bobby!

    I got to watch Georgia Tech basketball at its greatest stretch from a young child to an adult. I miss those days watching that white headed man lead our team! Seeing us take down Duke or North Carolina on a school night before having to go to bed will always be cherished! One of my first...
  12. DvilleJacket

    Jameis Winston

    The only player Nick Sabin ever went and saw play on Friday night! That's saying something right there! Not Tech related but watching pregame and Sabin said that.
  13. DvilleJacket

    Would we really be that bad

    If we went to a more traditional scheme with the athletes we got on offense? Our Oline recruits have got bigger and bigger. The receiving corp we have isn't that bad. We have some running backs that could play in any system. Lee would do great as a drop back passer. Only thing we lack is tight...
  14. DvilleJacket

    Already looking to next year

    Who do you look forward to progressing or hasn't played yet? I hope Custis can be a playmaker we have missed since Dwyer an Allen. I hope Devine and Griffin get lots of playing time. I want to see Thomas on the field more, he has to much speed to play a series or two. DJ White and Gotsis...
  15. DvilleJacket

    Tech expected to win by 8 points

    Watching the bowl game tonight it was showing upcoming bowls and it had us winning by eight points according to the espn football power index. Thoughts?