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  1. UgagSucks

    Coach Key on Twitter today

    I love the passion of being home! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    GT - competing at a higher level

    I want to start this post off by saying I do really like Paul Johnson. I think he's a great guy and I've truly enjoyed seeing him coach at GT. I understand his winning percentage is up there when compared to prior head coaches. He's done well - for the most part - for us. Do I expect us to...
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    B-ball team shirts

    Does anyone know if those gold long-sleeved GT shirts that the bench players wear are available for sale anywhere? They're pretty sweet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Implications of the Pitt game this weekend

    So, I really feel if we can't pull out the win this weekend then the rest of the year could be ugly for us. I feel like our team will "put up or shut up" and come away with a win. I just hope I'm right. If not, ugh, I don't even want to think about that....
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    Preseason Rankings

    We all know how worthless the preseason rankings are. Here is another great example: FSU started off #4 and now they are 0-2 in the ACC. That's why they should not come out with rankings until week 5 or 6.
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    Justin update?

    Has anyone heard an update on Thomas? Will he be able to play Saturday?
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    If you knew then what we know now

    We all made some pretty lofty predictions in the preseason based on the starting lineup that we all saw in game 1 this year. Today, our starting lineup looks considerably different thanks to an insane number of injuries. What would your honest record prediction at the beginning of the season...
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    The reason this year has turned out this way

    Yes, this season has been horrible and fallen way below all of our expectations. Maybe we're going through such a terrible year this year because we're just getting ready for a playoff run next year?! We will have a senior QB and all of our injured ABs will be back. Yes, that's a crazy...
  9. UgagSucks

    Looking for bright spots - Butker

    A big kudos to Butker for 2 nice field goals today! I think he's better at kicking 40+ yarders than the 25 yard variety. Hopefully his kicking performance today will be a nice confidence builder for him moving forward.
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    Our B-ball Program

    It's a shame that GT b-ball is in the state it's in. We've got a great new facility which I thought would help with recruiting. I was wrong about that. I wonder how much longer we will keep BG? This season already looks like a goner.
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    Orange Bowl Gear?

    So, I received the email today with the link to for some Orange Bowl gear. Has anyone found another good spot to buy some gear?
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    Timeout before our long field goal

    Wow, what a game! Richt did us a huge favor by calling that timeout right before the 53-yard field goal. We were not really close to being set and the play clock was dwindling down. That was a big mistake by Richt. I'll take it.
  13. UgagSucks

    Time to beat them

    As you can see by my handle, I really can't stand Ugag. I'm ready to end this losing streak and finally beat these fools. I hate that we have to hang on to the 2008 win like we do. I just saw we are a 14.5 underdog which seems too much to me. I know we can beat those guys Saturday!
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    92.9 The Game

    Ok, I don't know why I subject myself to the clowns on this show but I do. If you thought 680 The Fan was bad, try listening to these guys. They love the SEC and love the gaggers. They hardly ever mention the Jackets. I think the main host (not Randy but the other guy) is a ugag grad. Does...
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    ACC Championship

    Wow, it's crazy to think we are a Duke loss vs UNC this Thursday night away from going to the ACC title game. Nice job by VT to help us out today!
  16. UgagSucks

    Come on D!

    I'm hoping the offense continues to roll tomorrow and that the D is able to step up for us. They need to gain some confidence. I think Roof will dial up a few blitzes. There won't be blitzes like the Tenuta days but I'm hoping we show some aggression.
  17. UgagSucks

    How many more wins?

    Ok, I know we just lost a tough game. The D looks terrible right now. I'm having trouble finding many more wins on our schedule. I hope I'm wrong but the year could end in an ugly way if we can't get better play from the defense.
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    Still Alive

    I know we are all bummed about Saturday. However, we are still very much so alive. We all know a lot can still happen in the Coastal race. I just hope the team does not get down on itself and fall into a losing streak. UNC went toe-to-toe with Notre Dame last weekend so I know it will be tough...
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    Something I get tired of hearing.....

    .....when we get into 3rd and 5+ yards, the announcers always say "Georgia Tech is just not equipped to deal with 3rd and long. It takes them out of their comfort zone." I think JT can help stop these repetitive comments by announcers. It was awesome to see that 4th & 15 converted on Saturday...
  20. UgagSucks

    Any guesses on the Miami kickoff time?

    I assume it will officially be announced this Monday?