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  1. Anthem Protests

    I honestly wouldn't mind if we did away with anthems before sporting events altogether. There's no logical connection between the two. We don't play the anthem before any number of different types of public gatherings or events. My employer certainly doesn't play it here at my office every...
  2. Media Agenda and CPJ

    Well put.
  3. Dedrick Mills dismissed...

    I thought Marshall left because he just didn't like the system and the pounding he took more so than the competition for carries?
  4. Son of Tech Player playing for Team USA in hockey

    Thanks for sharing this. I had no idea there was a Tech son on the US side. I used to follow the WJCs, CHL, AHL, etc. religiously back when we had the Thrashers (and the Knights before that) but my interest in hockey dried up when they moved to Winnipeg. Back in the 90s and 00s it was pretty...
  5. Marcus Marshall Transferring

    +1 Yeah, it stinks he's leaving because he wants more touches or to not have to block as much, but to Marshall's credit he's handled himself like a pro and not caused any discord within the team. Watching him against Georgia, he certainly wasn't running like a kid with one foot out the door...
  6. Dorian Walker Transferring

    Was it Latrez Harrison? I remember that anecdote but couldn't remember which player it was attached to. Y'all need to get ice cream makers. Once you know how to make your own, nothing beats it - Jeni's, Bluebell, Publix, Ben & Jerry's - nothing.
  7. Michael Summers Has Left the Team

    The only circumstance that would justify a player quitting midseason would be something on the order of a decades-long child molestation scandal within the coaching staff? Hyperbole much? Sheesh.
  8. OL

    By that same token, this team was supposed to be a dumpster fire in 2014 what with all the transfers, drop-outs, and dismissals we experienced that offseason. Yes, things sometimes don't "work out."
  9. NFL Regional Combine

    Not too surprised. He showed an unreal burst of speed on that pick six he had against Clemson in 2014.
  10. Jabari's Instagram post?

    Some people find motivation in thinking the world is against them or they've been unfairly treated or considered somehow - whether it's actually true or not to an objective observer is irrelevant. I imagine that's what's going on here to some degree.
  11. So what you think? Who plays as a freshmen?

    I've never heard him say that. Some freshmen always play, if for no other reason out of necessity.
  12. New BS of Music Technology Major at GT!

    Or maybe even Gary Brown.
  13. Tim Byerly -Update

    Gutted to hear he can't play another year. This makes no sense but I'm glad to see he's taking it in stride. Thank you for your efforts on the Flats, Tim. You were an incredibly valuable player for us these past few years.
  14. So, who starts next year...

    Lynch was one of the few bright spots this year at A-Back in my book. I wouldn't want to move him to a position he's untested at, even if that's what he played in high school. I don't see four guys ahead of him on the depth chart for next year. He should be a starter. For his first year as...
  15. Way too early attempt at Perspective.

    Butker has fantastic leg strength but he's always had iffy accuracy. For what it's worth, the Notre Dame kicker had a dodgy day too, so it may have been wind issues.
  16. Thoughts from ND on Y'all.

    Quality quip right there.
  17. Notre Dame Predictions

    I think so, yes. Plus, I'm a little concerned about how green our A-backs are. They've looked great and in sync against lesser competition but the speed and aggression Notre Dame will play with could make things more adventurous if the Irish play to force the pitch.
  18. Notre Dame Predictions

    Tech - 31 ND - 20 Notre Dame will be a mess schematically on defense but their athletes will be good enough to keep us from completely blowing the doors off.
  19. Several good GT-ND previews

    "The big eye in the sky don't lie" could be the new "it is what it is." Yes? No? TBEITSDL
  20. What Wrinkle will CPJ Throw In?

    Skov should be a MONSTER on the load option. With his physical strength and experience blocking as a traditional fullback at Stanford he'd be fantastic rolling out and leading the way for Justin Thomas and an A-back. I love how Anthony Allen takes out one Dawg directly and two more indirectly...