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  1. Randy Carson

    The reports of the TO's death have been grossly exaggerated

    There are a lot of folks on this forum who understand the technical aspects of football better than I do. But I'm not convinced that defensive coordinators finally "cracked the code" on the TO. If that were possible, then eventually, they will do the same to shut down these five wide receiver...
  2. Randy Carson

    Best of both worlds

    Can you imagine what would have happened if CPJ had been more of fired-up, marketing/recruiting guy intensely interested in owning the 404? Or what if CGC had some of CPJ's unique, offensive genius, knew how to manage his timeouts, and could make good mid-game adjustments?
  3. Randy Carson

    Just asking

    If this were CGC's first year instead of his fourth, how would you feel about the outcome of the Clemson game? Would you be pleased/unhappy with the team's performance? Would you simply be giving him the benefit of the doubt? Discuss. You may use both sides of the page if necessary.
  4. Randy Carson

    We look good against Ole Miss here...

    Week 3 - Ole Miss at Georgia Tech
  5. Randy Carson

    The ACC in the NCAA Brackets

    Something I've been wondering about for the past few years... Does the NCAA Selection committee intentionally cram as many ACC teams into as few Regions as possible to avoid the possibility of an all-ACC final four? This year, Notre Dame and Duke are in the same bottom half of the west while...
  6. Randy Carson

    Elasticity of Demand

    Elasticity of demand refers to the degree in the change in demand when there is a change in another economic factor, such as price or income. Assume the following: Bobby Dodd seats 55,000 2021 Average Attendance = 35,000 Price per ticket = $50 35,000 x $50 = $1,750,000 in ticket sales...
  7. Randy Carson

    Hire Fast, Fire Slow?

    In the corporate world, there are two commonly held bits of wisdom when it comes to employees: Hire slow. Fire fast. When is the best time to fire someone? The first time you think of it. Bad hiring decisions are expensive, and the sooner you admit a mistake, the less it costs you in the long...
  8. Randy Carson

    Going on the Record

    After watching all the changes in the coaching staff and player roster and listening to the back and forth here in the forum, I'm ready to find out which forum members really know what they are talking about. With bragging rights on the line, give us your "way too early" predictions for the...
  9. Randy Carson

    Thoughts on the Portal

    A 3-star high school senior attracts attention from a bunch of schools and receives offers from several including Tech and Alabama. Which one does he accept? Yeah, Bama. Who wouldn't? The thing is, Bama is loaded with 4- and 5-star players, and after his first year, the kid has barely seen the...
  10. Randy Carson

    Offense vs. Defense. Who wins?

    Team A has the #1 offense and the #2 defense in the country. Team B has the #1 defense and the #2 offense in the country. Who wins and why? Okay, here's the thing: in chess, the first player to move, White, has the advantage, and among equal players, white usually wins. Moving first is an...
  11. Randy Carson

    Why punt? Ever.

    It's the off-season, so what the hey. If you never punt, you have four downs to get 10 yards. If you never punt, your play-calling changes. If you never punt, and you're deep in your own territory, your offense is highly motivated to convert that fourth down. If you never punt, you will convert...
  12. Randy Carson

    Chip Long's Tulane Offense v. Oklahoma 2021 Film Analysis

    I dunno...I like what I see. YouTube What do you think?
  13. Randy Carson

    Getting Specific about Improvement

    There has been a lot of chat elsewhere about the players that CGC inherited, has recruited, has lost to the portal, etc. This thread isn't about whether the lineman are undersized or the QB is missing open receivers. In this thread, I want to ask what HAS to happen at a higher level to ensure...
  14. Randy Carson

    Poll: What do you hope to see next season?

    Just curious... And no, "Tech has a good season, and CGC is fired anyway" is NOT an option in my poll. Start your own. :)
  15. Randy Carson

    Building the Offensive Line

    Happy New Year, everyone! I'm just thinking out loud here, and I'm not a football guru...just a loyal fan. Based on my very limited knowledge and what I've read in this forum, it's my impression that in order for Tech to become successful again, we need to do the following in this sequence: 1...
  16. Randy Carson

    Throwing on First Down

    I haven't had enough confidence in Tech's passing game the past few years to agree to passing on first down, If the pass is complete, great. But if not, you're looking at 2 & 10 with only two plays to make the first down. I don't like our chances. I'd rather see us pick up three four or five...
  17. Randy Carson

    Where to begin? Offense or Defense?

    I'm not a student of the game. So, I pose questions to those of you who are. Thank you for your patience and answers. :) If you were named head coach of an underperforming football team, how would you begin rebuilding? (In terms of scholarships handed out and coaching salaries offered.) Would...
  18. Randy Carson

    Predicting Future Success

    This is a football thread, I promise. Just give me a minute to set up my question. I'm not a fan of the one-and-done phenomenon in college basketball. I would rather watch a group of kids develop over four years than to live and die by the revolving door, and I can't believe it is more...
  19. Randy Carson

    How to Build an Efficient Offense Quickly

    I enjoy football at a casual level. However, there are a bunch of engineers (and former players) here who know football and how to do serious analysis. So, here's my question: Would it be possible to analyze the oh, I don't know, top 25 college football teams in the country to figure out which...
  20. Randy Carson

    Confirmed Interviews

    I'd like to open this thread for reporting on and discussion of CONFIRMED interviews only. Other threads discuss possible candidates; this thread is for conversation about ACTUAL candidates only. Of course, everything may be kept under wraps until the announcement, but who knows? FACTS may...