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  1. smokey_wasp

    Non-adidas GT Swag

    Found this at a thrift store and looks like it was never worn. I don't love the AT&T logo because I hate them. Can't find any info on where this hat came from. Some kind of promotional thing, I guess. At 2 dollars, I had to get it.
  2. smokey_wasp

    Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    Dylan Leonard reportedly had a very good Spring, as well. Deveney was a guy we took a flyer on because we had zero tight ends and he had good size. Couldn't stay healthy but I wish him well.
  3. smokey_wasp


    17 minutes. 4 points, 3 assists, 4 rebounds is what he meant.
  4. smokey_wasp


    Weinke was there with them too
  5. smokey_wasp

    WR Coach Dixon to the Ravens

    Primarily, yes, but North Florida too
  6. smokey_wasp

    WR Coach Dixon to the Ravens

    Doubt it. Would be a paycut from whatever venture he probably has going on, whatever it is. And it's an absolute grind. Who knows if he would even be good at it.
  7. smokey_wasp

    WR Coach Dixon to the Ravens

    It's a foot in the door for an NFL job. Sounds like fewer responsibilities, probably for comparable money, and once you're in, you may stick around quite awhile.
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    Jose is playing like a ROTY contender as of late, but he obviously got too late a start. He played very sparingly at first after his call up, but his minutes have increased steadily, as has the Pel's confidence in him.
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    And best +/- on the team. Brilliant game. Wish that last shot went in.
  10. smokey_wasp

    Coaching Carousel 7 - When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye

    I love the randomness of Coaches Hot Seat and always tagging Paul Finebaum for no reason. Whoever runs that accounts is nuts.
  11. smokey_wasp


    Highlights up
  12. smokey_wasp

    Coaching Carousel 7 - When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye

    Yeah, bare minimum he should get Mark Fox results, which is probably about where they should be in hoops. Just not the home run a lot of folks feared.
  13. smokey_wasp

    Coaching Carousel 7 - When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye

    Rothstein reports Mike White to uga. Not really that scary, IMO
  14. smokey_wasp

    GT fans

    Send our best to Jordan as he starts his next chapter. You've got every reason to be proud!
  15. smokey_wasp

    Tech vs Louisville

    Nothing unreasonable whatsoever about what you're saying. I'd go so far as to say if GT were serious about hoops, had plenty of money, and the football program was in decent shape, it would be a no-brainer to move on from Pastner today. But that isn't the case, so people largely accept the...
  16. smokey_wasp

    Tech vs Louisville

    Curfew is what folks are saying. Wouldn't have mattered, I guess. Bad team, bad season, stick a fork in it.
  17. smokey_wasp

    Really we’ve sunk to a new low

    My realistic hope was a mid-pack finish and NIT berth this year. So this was definitely a bummer.
  18. smokey_wasp

    Potential Rule Changes

    I understand wanting to do something about fake injuries, but that's gonna be a mess and could have unintended consequences. Blocking below the waist rule goes too far. I like their idea about the targeting penalties.
  19. smokey_wasp

    Hire Fast, Fire Slow?

    Not realistic to treat this like a corporate hire, IMO. All the reasons you mentioned and yada yada'd are actually very good, logical reasons why no one does this. Sacrificing a whole recruiting class is going to affect you for years, as will any delay in a coach getting his system installed...
  20. smokey_wasp

    Paul Johnson is having an estate sale and there is some cool memorabilia listed

    Certainly, swag from the Meineke Bowl and QuickLane Bowl is expendable, but someone might want it.