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  1. smokey_wasp

    Senior Plans Thread

    Jordan Domineck to graduate and return . He is a "Covid Junior" so he will be taking full advantage of his extra year.
  2. smokey_wasp

    James Graham Transferring

  3. smokey_wasp

    GT vs Miami Postponed

    2020 continues
  4. smokey_wasp

    GT-Pitt Postponed

  5. smokey_wasp

    Report: Pepper Rodgers has passed

    Saw this on another message board and found this confirmation from a UCLA reporter with the LA Times.
  6. smokey_wasp

    Game 6 ATL etc

    Tobias' position change seems to be confirmed.
  7. smokey_wasp

    Game 5 Roster Updates, ATL, Captains etc.

    Couldn't find one for this week. Yates is ATL. Lucas is not.
  8. smokey_wasp

    Thomas Guerry new Director of Player Personnel

    Was director of recruiting for VT. Was once on Richt's recruiting staff at uga.
  9. smokey_wasp

    New Site: Techwood Talk

    Hey, I came across a brand new site for GT content. Anyone here involved with this venture? Anyway, they only have one article up so far. But it might be good to add this one to your rotation. The more GT content, the merrier.
  10. smokey_wasp

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter, swarmers. Celebrate the good news and check out those kicks on Coach Collins.
  11. smokey_wasp

    Happy birthday, Coach Collins!