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  1. slugboy

    GT Golf and the US Amateur

    Three Jackets are in the US Amateur (we have 4 in the world amateur top 100): And the course looks sadistic:
  2. slugboy

    AJC Geoff Collins interview, somewhat a preview of season 4

    Suguira did a pretty good job in this writeup. He asked some exact questions. He also gave some background on last season that I hadn't seen until now. It may be the first time I can recall Suguira writing about Collins stopping practices last year because of focus issues on the field (I guess...
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    Preseason All ACC Team No GT...
  4. slugboy

    Chip Long Offense Video (Tulane)

    The video is just 18 minutes long. It's worth a watch. While I love a fan breakdown, there are a bunch of places where I said "nah, that's not quite right", so watch with your own eyes and figure out what makes sense. With the debate about starters going on in another thread, I wanted to see...
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    2022 GT alumni NBA / Pro updates

    MGH is with the Hawks for summer league. Okogie to AZ
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    Random weird news

    The man who was supposed to be the father in law did not approve of the fiancé (Going on vacation, so posting will be down)
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    AJC: Sarah Spencer added to football coverage

    If you’ve been craving another voice to write about Tech football, your wish is granted (I think she did well covering the Hawks)
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    Development vs Recruiting vs Scheme **IN YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE**

    Some of us have played college sports, and many of us have played in high school. Some of us have coached at some level. We've discussed scheme vs. recruiting vs. development. Thread Rules (yes, this thread has rules): The point of this thread is to bring personal experience into the...
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    The role of strength & conditioning in a program

    In this article, CBS discusses a strength coach for Oregon who probably should never have been hired, and gets into other general issues with S&C in the NCAA. There’s a good overview of the profession mixed in with some text meant to get attention, but I think it’s a worthy read. Especially to...
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    You won’t have Mark Emmett to kick around much longer

    He’s stepping down after his, we’ll, work over the last few …. Oh, well…
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    Fútbol Thread

    This was a great photo shared today: Bayern beat Dortmund for the Bundesliga championship today. It's their 10th in a row. People must hate them more than the Yankees. This Robert Lewandowski fella keeps showing up This is some of this year's beer: Here’s one of the shots:
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    USFL is about the TV rights

    Are they even selling tickets?
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    2022 good news thread 🧵

    I couldn’t think of where else to put this, but I feel like Reveno needs to get many multiples the amount of recognition he gets for this For now, let’s just post good vibes BB news in here
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    2022 football study hall

    We can start with pass defense Old article, but a good one
  15. slugboy

    GT Hockey 2022

    Season over. Not much chat on them this year in GTSwarm for some reason
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    2022 Atlanta Falcons

  17. slugboy

    Random happy news

    We must have a “random happy news” thread, but I couldn’t find it here on the front page. If one of you DOES find it, give me the link and I’ll merge it. Anyway, this nice reporter in England who normally eats fries and gravy reviewed a Michelin Star restaurant. It’s very nice, and free of...
  18. slugboy

    Way too early forecasts

    Athlon puts our roster in the middle, a hair above average for the ACC: We're 7th out of 14 teams, with Clemson, Miami, UNC, and FSU up at the top. They say nice things in the paragraph--each team gets one long...
  19. slugboy

    Winter Olympics and idealism

    When we look at the NCAA, we're presented with ideals like amateurism and love of the game, while there are brazen plays for money and corrupt dealings all around. The Olympics and FIFA may be worse--the amount of self-dealing in the Olympics can be nauseating. You do get stories like this...
  20. slugboy

    Surfing! (Kelly Slater wins the Billabong Pipeline Championship at 49 years old)

    He's not 50 YET Highlights: Finals day: