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  1. techfan#14

    Fan Day Observations

    Couple of things that I noticed while enjoying the atmosphere. I too was caught off guard by the arm cast on KW. He let my son sign it so that was cool. Secondarily, Zeek is a large man but appears to have trimmed down. Also took me a minute to determine who it was, but Horace Lockett has...
  2. techfan#14

    Dontae Smith Article This was an enjoyable read. It makes me feel we have a strong group of guys at running back. Hopefully the whole offense looks better under Long.
  3. techfan#14

    Who are here on the swarm are sidewalk fans?

    I have no family connections to Tech. I had a cousin who was a sidewalk fan in the mid 1990's (now a dwag fan), who introduced me to Tech. I started following intensely in 1997-98, and became enthralled in the Joe Ham years. I have been going to multiple games every year since college 2003 and...
  4. techfan#14

    Looking at the roster...

    I definitely have concerns across the board but when I was looking it just felt like we were thin at DE almost to the the point that some of our tackles may have to assist in that endeavor. I agree with a 4-2-5 alignment that linebacker depth is not major concern but we are fresh at that spot...
  5. techfan#14

    Looking at the roster...

    This post maybe a little long winded but I was looking at the updated roster on and here are some conclusions I came too and I want to see what you all think. As I look IMO my biggest concern is our depth at LB and DE. QB: We know what is there and we all hope to see Sims...
  6. techfan#14

    12/15 Early Signing Day: GT

    Does anyone know how many December signees we are expecting? I would think this would not be everyone....
  7. techfan#14

    Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    I am just curious as to how you spoke to Scott Van Pelt much less about Tech football....
  8. techfan#14

    How to watch today??

    I cannot find the game today. I am.on Dish and it's not available. We are on a Blackout for ESPN3. Any ideas?
  9. techfan#14

    #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    Absolutely loved the effort today. Can't say it enough our team played HARD!!! So proud of Yates, Dline, entire defense, and the offense! Hate it that we lost, but this is the first sign of what we have been waiting on!
  10. techfan#14

    2021 ACC and Competition News

    Jacksonville State looks pretty good against FSU. Their QB looks the part!!
  11. techfan#14

    Defensive Line

    Not trying to pour on top of what is already saturated, but as I have thought about the game I maybe least impressed with this unit. Maybe I had my hopes higher than I should have but didn't we bring in multiple transfers to compete at DE and DT? Didn't we have players returning that would...
  12. techfan#14

    Wanted to share...

    Mostly rookie cards that would look like "college cards". The Calvin is just a throwback style card. But not really cards of just general college athletes.
  13. techfan#14

    Wanted to share...

    A few more
  14. techfan#14

    Wanted to share...

    I will get some things together and send over a picture.
  15. techfan#14

    Wanted to share...

    I have in the last few months picked back up an obsession from my youth. With the intent on selling my old collection of baseball/football/basketball cards, I have also started purchasing new cards. While doing so I have started buying for my own pleasure, not to resell, various Tech greats...
  16. techfan#14

    Your First GT QB

    The first for me was Joe Hamilton specially the years he beat the dwags in some amazing games. I remember going to high school the following mondays with my tech gear on just to rub it in the mass of dwags faces.
  17. techfan#14

    MEMORIES...(first game)

    My first game was the 02' BYU game where Hollings went down
  18. techfan#14

    2021 Offseason Work Out Program

    Just a question... is that photo legit?? If so that's crazy.
  19. techfan#14

    any of you dealing with the new Bermuda Triangle?

    Same here multiple packages missing.
  20. techfan#14

    Chico Bennett enters the portal

    Was he not contributing?? I dont understand.