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  1. B1G expansion?

    This is only really true if the Big 10 and SEC eventually become the Power 2 and other conferences get relegated to what is now G5 status. That will affect a number of things. As long as the ACC has a seat at the big boys table the TV money isn't terribly relevant. Now, our other sources of...
  2. B1G expansion?

    If the ACC's payouts were suddenly tripled, would GT have a better chance to make the playoffs?
  3. Today in Analytics...

    They beat Kansas by 19 points who then beat Texas on their home field. Texas is never living that one down.
  4. This is our year

    It's not at Tech and they were a much better team at the end of last year than when we played them. I do think the coaching turnover gives us a chance though. We have to hope they are sluggish on offense and that keeps us in the game. We are going to have trouble moving the ball. A couple of...
  5. Fall Camp News

    If you are going into year 4 and you have to rebuild nearly the entire OL with transfers with little playing experience it isn't a very good sign.
  6. 5 GT opponents begin year in Top 25

    It feels like UNC is too talented to be too far away from the top 25. Classes rated 12th, 15th, and 11th the past three years is a decent bit of talent on that team. They have two studs at QB battling. They have one of the best WR in college football. They brought in 5 star linemen on both sides...
  7. Here's a thought

    Posting on a message board is also a fully elective hobby. If the negativity bothers you that much then an internet message board for a team with a deservedly disgruntled fan base might not be the best use of your time. Why put yourself through that? The internet in general leans very negative...
  8. Here's a thought

    Last year's homecoming only drew 35k when we were a 3-4 team, playing a better opponent in Virginia Tech.
  9. Here's a thought

    Our mid season home games are against Duke and UVA. Those probably won't be well attended even if we are undefeated at that point. If we are 1-4 going into those games it will be a ghost town.
  10. Rank Your Excitement for 2022

    You guessed right. The O/U at 5dimes and Bovada was 6.5.
  11. Rank Your Excitement for 2022

    I gave it a 7. There is always hope and excitement at the start of a season. Logically, I think the first 4-5 weeks is going to be pretty rough. You never know though.
  12. Here's a thought

    It's never really made much sense. Right now he is a guy who got fired from ND, worked as an analyst for a team with a poor offense, and then took a job as OC for a lower tier G5 program which didn't have all that great of an offense. I doubt any other P5 program would have brought him in as an...
  13. Fall Camp News

    This is true. Next gen stats clocks the peak speed of players on individual plays every week in the NFL though and only a handful are ever over 20 mph. The highest they recorded in the 2021 season was 22.13. That was live action so that's obviously different than if they were clocking white in a...
  14. Fall Camp News

    The fastest 40 time for a defensive linemen in the combine since 2003 was 4.36 seconds which is a little over 18 mph. That guy was nearly 50 lbs lighter than White. Let’s just assume it’s an overestimate.
  15. Athlon: ACC Coaches Talk Anonymously (2022)

    Feel free to correct everything I said bigshot. Tell us who the Rivals top 250 recruits are that we have recruited since the 2020 class. Also tell us the 247 top 300 recruits. We had one ranked 300th. Every other player was ranked lower than that. I guess you could use Blackstrain ranked exactly...
  16. Athlon: ACC Coaches Talk Anonymously (2022)

    The statement referencing CPJ was "They're as much of a non-factor on legit talent now as they were under Paul Johnson.". This statement is completely accurate if you take legit talent to mean the higher rated guys in the country. We haven't had a rivals 250 recruit or a top 300 247 recruit...
  17. Collins says players have 'chip on their shoulder'

    I doubt you believe what you are saying. The Florida team that beat UGA by 16 in 2020 now has no chance to even compete with them? The Auburn team that beat Ole Miss and Arkansas by double digits last year and nearly beat Alabama had no chance against UGA and will have no chance going forward...
  18. Collins says players have 'chip on their shoulder'

    Teams like Auburn and Florida always have a punchers chance against them. We currently do not. The biggest mysteries in our game currently is whether we will score at all or keep the margin under 45 points. They are a great program right now but if we can't even rise to the level of having any...
  19. Undrafted Player Deals

    No, that doesn't really excuse it either. You would think bringing in guys who started many games for SEC programs would help our OL. It didn't really. Now we are going into another year and we are expecting 3-4 new transfers who haven't played for us or played much at all to be our best...
  20. Undrafted Player Deals

    I would say the 18 transfers we took from 2019-2021 is more than a few. If we are going to keep excusing the recruiting because of transfers we are getting then they need to start doing something.