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  1. GT Bravo

    2022 Transfer Portal

    Thought it might be worthwhile having a separate thread to discuss. Anyone else keeping an eye on this craziness? Gardner-Webb has 34 players listed in the portal though I don't see any mention online of them dropping the program. Florida State has 11 (coaching change) and Duke has 9. Coastal...
  2. GT Bravo

    New Pro Jackets Progress

    I thought a new thread would be a good idea to post updates on the progress of this year's draft class through the Summer and Fall Leagues. Here's a start: Prospect Of The Game: Catcher Kyle McCann (2 for 3 / Home Run / Triple / Walk) Catcher Kyle McCann had a big game for the A’s on...
  3. GT Bravo

    Tournament Bracket Challenge has a bracket challenge up. It looks like you can create a group to play against each other. I don't know how much fun it would be since we would all have the same ultimate champion LOL. Anyway, I filled one out and wanted to throw it out there for anyone else who might be...