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  1. Thank You Seniors

    To all the seniors and others who will move on or hang up theirs cleats after the game on Saturday, thank you for your effort, dedication and class as representatives of GT and of the football program. Best wishes for happiness and success in everything you do!
  2. Early Off—Season Thread

    Now that the season is over (figuratively, if not literally), looking at OL potentially returning next year, and if currently committed, but unsigned, OL recruits do enroll at Tech, and if there are no injuries carrying over into the season, what will our starting (yes, I know, ATL) OL be at...
  3. Media exposure

    Coach Collins is doing a good job promoting the ATL culture, but Atlanta is still surrounded by a UGA culture, accentuated by a paucity of newspaper coverage for Tech football. The Savannah Morning News, for example, will run multiple articles every day on UGA football, without any mention of...
  4. Post-season bowl

    247sports posted their spring post-season bowl game projections and Tech is not listed or even mentioned as a possible participant... Ouch!
  5. Spring Game Significance

    Of course, the game is important to sort out positions and depth chart, but does the game pose other opportunities and challenges this year? For example, will the percentages of running plays to passing plays, completion percentages of passes, the ability of the OL to pass block, stout or porous...
  6. recruiting classes and off topic posts

    Maybe has a boxing future...
  7. Welcome Coach Collins!

    Now, go recruit like your hair is on fire!
  8. Social Media Impact

    Does anyone remember the “Boo Birds”? Before social media, Georgia Tech fans often expressed their displeasure with the football team, the coaches, even individual players at the game, loudly, in the form of “boos”. Hence, the name “Boo Birds”. I haven’t heard much, if any, of that so far...
  9. Spread on Clemson Game

    Vegas favors Clemson between 15.5 and 17 points. Do we beat the spread this time?
  10. Beat Clemson!

    Time to bounce back!
  11. How Will We Earn Respect?

    The Marriott Hotel on Lenox Road, across from the mall, has several college football banners hanging under their loge to welcome guests. There’s a dwag banner, OSU, Washington, Auburn, Clemson, etc., but a particular white and gold banner is noticeably missing. In their hometown. It is...
  12. PT for Lucas Johnson

    In how many quarters do you think Lucas Johnson will see action this season? By many accounts, Tech will be in a dogfight in most of its games this season and no one wants 2019 to look like 2017 with an inexperienced QB.
  13. Recruiting 2022

    How do places like Bama, Georgia, FSU and others justify extending offers to 8th graders like Kiyaunta Goodwin, when there is no high school transcript, test scores, etc. from which to determine college eligibility? Oh, wait, the kid is 6’7” and 350 pounds. ‘Nuff said...
  14. Average Age of GTSwarm Posters

    Are the posters on this site as old as some comments suggest? I wonder what the average age might be...
  15. Spring Practice

    Spring practice starts March 26. Hopefully, that will mean more data, more certainty and less pontificating, less guessing about Tech in 2018. And, just as important, it marks a break in, if not the end of, the dreaded “off season”...
  16. ESPN article,"20 QB Battles this Spring"

    Nice article that touches upon QB battles at major programs. I wonder why we were not included...
  17. UCF Revisted

    Looks like the hurricane did is a BIG favor this year...
  18. AJC Pool

    Now that Demetris Robinson has made his college choice and is heading out of state, how long do you think the AJC will keep articles of him posted on Tech's page on their website? They kept the article of the Florida kid who decommitted after the stadium incident posted forever. Will Demetris...
  19. What if Calvin Johnson became Tech's WR coach?

    Or, a graduate assistant? Or, a member of the recruiting department? I suspect Tech would get a big boost among high-caliber talent.