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  1. RIP John Madden Man I remember his days of broadcasting .
  2. End of Half Clock Management

    Interesting hearing collins reaction to being asked about the spiked ball before the half. He said he felt it was the right call. Not that it really matters since we scored, but can't really seem to understand how that was the right call
  3. Mark Richt at GT

    What is going on here ?? Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  4. Rotating QBs good or bad ?

    Re watching coach's presser, it's all be confirmed that his style is going to be rotating QBs around depending on the package as a permanent thing, just like rotating other positions out. I've never seen this in college football, at least to this degree.. What are some pros to this, I've heard...
  5. Come on Offense!

    Man our D has been pretty awesome tonight. I just wish we could say the same about the offense could take advantage
  6. Mess of a start again

    This is just get worse game after game. Offense can't get anything done, and we keep screwing up basic punts. I applaud the D at least getting some stops.
  7. Mess of a start

    Team seems all over the place in the first quarter. Don't have a good feeling about this game,