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  1. Vespidae

    Season Ticket Sales

    What’s the latest on renewals? Ahead or behind last year?
  2. Vespidae

    Bobby Dodd Coaching Philosophy

    Does anyone remember Dodd's somewhat unique approach to the game? I recall that he published a Coaching Philosophy Handbook which is in the GT archives, but haven't seen it for years. Dodd was schooled by Bob Neyland and his Seven Maxims of Football are still recited by UT players before every...
  3. Vespidae

    Help Please ... GT Tradition question

    Ok, to change the topic ... I've just gotten a new dog. And I want to name him in a way that reminds me of Tech. I've thought of Sideways (But that was a girl) Burdell (which could work) Heisman (which might work) What names are possible that would be good for a dog? Any suggestions?
  4. Vespidae

    Game Day Report

    Since Labor Day, I’ve attended a GT game (STH), Tennessee at home and just returned from the Ole Miss-Alabama game. By far, the Ole Miss game was the most fun. The tailgating in the Grove, the facilities, the hospitality... outstanding. Yes, Bama whipped them, but everyone supporting their...
  5. Vespidae

    Game experience

    Am fortunate to attend an SEC game today. No canned music... just the band, announcer and great videos. Great game day experience.
  6. Vespidae

    Who is your GT Fantasy Football Coach?

    Volnation is going batsh&t crazy trying to figure out who their next coach will be. Will it be John Gruden? Dan Mullen? Chip Kelly? Scott Frost? We have a stable program, so GT doesn’t get any of the insanity. So I’m wondering, ... if CPJ decided to retire in two years, who should our next...
  7. Vespidae

    Paul Finebaum, Nebraska, and AA Resources

    Interesting call on today's Paul Finebaum Show. The caller was a former Nebraska Cornhusker who had played on the national championship teams of 1970 and 1971. He lamented the fact that their AA is flush with cash ($175M), has an excellent and devoted fanbase, and a rich football history with...
  8. Vespidae

    When Does a College Fire It's Coach?

    I am amused watching the turmoil at the University of Tennessee re the fate of Coach Butch Jones. Here's the dilemma. If UT loses this weekend to Georgie, they will effectively be out of the SEC East race and its not even the end of September (bad). Butch has a terrible relationship withe...
  9. Vespidae

    BDS Attendance

    Every now and again, the issue of filling BDS comes up. In this case, Atlanta United showed what a full stadium could look like and we all wonder what a Jacket experience would be in a full BDS. So, I looked at attendance data back to 2005. Tech averages 48,835 fans per home game. If you look...