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  1. Complaint department/Dump your rants here

    It's wild how when I said the exact same thing about one of your posts I got my post deleted and got a warning, but yours is somehow not an issue. And when I guessed at your age, my post was deleted, but you and others have attacked other posters based on their age and the mods said it was free...
  2. Excitement for the 2022 Season

    Hi all, I'd like to help out one of our fellow Jacket Fans who is a little gun-shy about starting his own thread. What are you excited about and looking forward to in the coming season? What positive changes are you seeing within the program recently? @forensicbuzz perhaps you can kick us off...
  3. Covid in Student Athletes Interesting findings from OSU, seems these athletes aren't nearly as resistant as some like to think.
  4. Miami ATL chart

    Anybody got one for this week? I haven't seen anything.
  5. I wonder why he dropped the ball