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  1. GTrob21

    Collins says players have 'chip on their shoulder'

    I think most fans have chips on their shoulder
  2. GTrob21

    ACC Media Days

    Yes.... we are back to normal boys... GT fans are attacking each other. This is how it should be. The only other item to enter into this conversation to make it truly Tech is what is the correct shade of gold... I will let you all discuss...
  3. GTrob21

    Collins says players have 'chip on their shoulder'

    College football will die with the boomers. With all the NIL, semi-professional, two top-tier leagues, and the rest being relegated to the side. My interest in college football has gone down drastically. It's funny because I find myself supporting other sports now. Such as volleyball, or men's...
  4. GTrob21

    ACC Media Days

    Man if our coach could only win games...
  5. GTrob21

    B1G expansion?

    Take this for what it is worth, but I was talking with a friend of mine who is a very old, very big Penn State donor. We have talked for years about how the ACC missed the boat and should have gone after Penn State when FSU was on the table. They should have created an ACC north, anchored with...
  6. GTrob21

    B1G expansion?

    I got laughed at and mocked on several boards for saying we were going to rue the day we turned the B1G down. We have now royally screwed up twice, once by leaving the SEC and the 2nd by saying no to B1G. There is no scenario in which the ACC is anything more than the 3rd conference. Even with...
  7. GTrob21

    new schedule format

    I'm ok with this, hopefully, we can start to win some more ACC games.
  8. GTrob21

    Deion Sanders On The Flats?

    If our Institute were to ever go all-in on college football. Primetime would be perfect.
  9. GTrob21

    GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    I think every college athlete on this board has an appreciation and admiration for this woman's work ethic. I know I wish I had that when I was her age. It took me far longer to realize the ingredients for success. She will be successful. I hope she suits up for GT because I am impressed with...
  10. GTrob21

    Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    That author isn't too optimistic of our upcoming football team. I would even go so far as to say, the author is relentless in his analysis, he might be crossing the line into Elite territory. On a serious note, coach has lost the fan base, and has for some time now. I know in organizations, it...
  11. GTrob21

    ACC Tournament 2022

    When do I get to say Fire Danny Hall?!? I am new to the baseball forum
  12. GTrob21

    Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    YESSS another CB, just what we need!
  13. GTrob21

    If the ACC scraps divisions...

    This might be the miracle we need to win more games!!!
  14. GTrob21

    GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    The women's sports programs of GT are carrying the torch these days! Way to go ladies!
  15. GTrob21

    College Soccer at GT?

    Soccer would be a no-brainer. I'm sure somebody will be along to talk about how we can't afford it, but Atlanta has 6 of the biggest soccer academies in the US. It routinely produces major D-1 talent every year. You could make a top 25 team, in just a couple of years here.
  16. GTrob21

    Way Too Early!!!

    Gibbs was better than most people at GT realized. Its a shame he is gone, but I don't blame him.
  17. GTrob21

    GTWBB 2022 (Off-season thread)

    Nell has done a fantastic job with the roster in my opinion. I know everyone is saying we should take a step back this upcoming year, but If one of our freshman can come in and produce, I see us a tournament team again.
  18. GTrob21

    College Basketball NIL Discussion

    This goes back to my argument in a previous thread. We can't compete with this, and we are going to be relegated to the bottom of the table in all revenue sports. If any of you GT big time Millionaires was to throw 800k at 6'0 KState guard transfer go ahead and be my guest. I'm betting GT...
  19. GTrob21

    2022 Rule changes

    If i'm reading it right, the rocket toss would be a penalty inducing play as it was blocked by navy, us...etc.. Our AB's and WR's would go downfield and throw cut blocks to free space..