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  1. 2022 Adidas Swag Watch

    Myles Sims and EJ Jenkins, and their family and fans? I do agree it should be another number.
  2. B1G expansion?

    The key word in this is "today". Sure, today it would be helpful, but coaching salaries are inflating out of control. You don't think every other team getting handed a bunch of extra money every year is also going to use it to pay more and more for better coaches?
  3. 2022 Adidas Swag Watch

    They'll go on sale at the end of the season and be like $60.
  4. Fall Camp News

    Feeling lesser for running the TO is the definition of SDE.
  5. B1G expansion?

    I agree with pretty much all of this - more money can help to a point, but does not necessarily equal success. The difference in resources becomes more negligible when it's say $100m vs $125m instead of $50m vs $25m, so I see why people want to push for the Big membership, I just don't think it...
  6. This is our year

    That would be a pretty poor way to start, but shouldn't be taken as the season is over. It's game 1, weird stuff sometimes happens when guys are rusty or running something new. And we can still recover.
  7. Fall Camp News

    *Checks username* uh huh...
  8. Fall Camp News

    Excellent, you've highlighted some of those differences I mentioned!
  9. Fall Camp News

    They are obviously comparable, he just compared them. There are certainly some differences, but plenty of similarities too.
  10. Today in Analytics...

    Did you really laugh out loud though?
  11. This is our year

    Would certainly be nice to get a win against an SEC team, it's been a while.
  12. This is our year

    I think OP mentioned on another site they were 13, which seems a little young to be employed as Get Bak coach...
  13. This is our year

    Idk about regressing. I think there was progress, it was just 0.01% of the progress needed. We've made significantly more progress in the off season.
  14. 2022 Opponent Injury Reports

    Not that I wish anyone was injured, but hopefully this is a big help for us on the line.
  15. Time to break in a new uniform thread - 2022 edition

    Idk about worst ever, we've had much worse losses in the past 3 years. But we do wear them too much, and seem to lose in them a lot. I'd be okay with once a year, for a championship or bowl game.
  16. 2022 Adidas Swag Watch

    Pretty sure this is a different gold, weren't we using "sand" in the past?
  17. Here's a thought

    Not sure quitting mid-season would help his coaching career, that's generally frowned upon.
  18. Here's a thought

    He's just curious how interim head coaches are compensated and used our current situation to frame it. If you can't accept that having an interim head coach this season is a possibility regardless of how gold-tinted the glasses you wear are, I don't know what to tell you.
  19. Here's a thought

    He's asking in case someone here DOES know or has better google-fu than he does. People are allowed to ask questions. @bobongo It looks like Bob Stoops was offered $325k to be the interim HC at Oklahoma, which he turned down. I also found where Greg Knox received an additional $25k on top of...
  20. 2022 Adidas Swag Watch

    More mismatched sleeves, yay...