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  1. Alcohol Sales Pilot Program

    Starting at Russ Chandler - sounds like it would make its way to BDS assuming all goes well.
  2. Moved to London for work... Season Tix for Sale

    Hi all! I got a great opportunity through my job to move to London for 6 months and will be here through the end of the year. This obviously comes with the obvious major downside of not being able to attend any games this season. With that said, I wanted to try and sell my seats to GT fans...
  3. Have extra game tickets if anybody is looking

    Section 101, 2 seats together. Was hoping to get some money for them, but bigger priority is getting them to a GT fan!
  4. GT Baseball Tailgating

    Hi everybody! I am planning to tailgate with a fairly large group for the Georgia Tech Baseball game this Saturday and was wondering if anybody knows the policy for providing alcohol? It's a work event and will certainly not be rowdy, but I'm not sure if similar rules apply for Baseball as do...
  5. Any interest in single ND tickets?

    I have three extra single tickets and would love for them to go to a GT fan. Sadly, they aren't together, but let me know if you're interested. Mods... feel free to remove if ticket sales aren't appropriate for the site!
  6. $16 tickets to the Miami game!

    Got a message about a great deal for $16 tickets from the AA. The deal is for faculty and staff, but as far as I know, anybody can use it. Here's the link. Enjoy! I've heard the deal may expire tonight (10/1), so if you want them, get them fast. That could be wrong, but I'm not sure either way.
  7. Anybody have 4 tix to the GT vs. Miami game?

    If this sort of post isn't allowed on here, please let me know! I've convinced my parents and my sister/her bf to come to the Miami game, but we're looking for seats. I know there are some available from GT or StubHub, but I wanted to check on here first to see if anybody has some they're...