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  1. Interesting data for thought

    For accessing the performance on Off and Def vs ksu. On SAT ,Wyoming beat NIU 50-43. So MAYBE our Def played bertter than we thought vs NIU and the Off really much worse. Hmmm
  2. The good ole days

    Watching tv alot and caught the NBA channel.On two different shows Dennis Scott and John Salley were featured commentators regarding their playing days in pros.Of course Bosh and Jon Barry have had a lot of tv air-time in recent past. Just reminded of the level of talent around Tech at one time...
  3. If you are bored

    then go back and see the uncheat game this season.I had not seen it previously but for sheer delight the 1st half is like a dream come true after suffering under those cheating crum-bums up there for so long. Never in my wildest dreams would I think unc would ever go 13 mins without a FG to...
  4. NC paper prediction

    The Raleigh News had Tech SEVENTH in ACC this yr somehow.Also does not even mention our 3pt G transfer---hmmm. --Let me have some of what he is taking also-Had Vt last, from coach and team losses.!
  5. some ACC stats

    First--it is SAT am and the ACC OFFICIAL SITE has NOT been updated for game with Pitt!.Amazing. So I have to go to ESPN site. At 4-9 in conf we ahead of ND and uM.- wow--To me ,with another win possible this record is better than I hoped for losing our top 3 scorers, etc. otoh I did not know...
  6. Remembering Hewitt

    yes, missed last on purpose btw--how many remember Blewitt blowing the game yrs ago vs Tenn when he didn't have his shooter miss last attempt with 2 secs left.j.They then got a free pass then past half-ct and the Tenn guy drained the winner, I knew blewitt was gone then
  7. So will the starters stay the same?

    Is anybody hurt? Did Alcorn game show enough of a player to move him up or down? Is Cooper back? All the inquiring minds want to know.
  8. So who starts in DB?

    Now with AJ gone ,we have no old starters.Who do you think gets the nod in the first game .Are the new guys overtaking the upperclassmen?
  9. Interesting stat

    I was curious about what has been the % of recruits lost at Tech in the classes '13 -'16.(too early for 17/18) What do you think is a typical number? After looking back at who was not here to play the 4 yrs for whatever reason (academics, kicked off, lost interest , dislike coach(es) ...
  10. Let's look at some positives

    I'm not a Susy Sunshine but there is another side to our situation. 1.Personally I would prefer to have beaten Vt and lose to dook (if that were the choice).In the big scheme vt seems more dangerous than dook in our quest for division title short or long term. 2. We have a strong team returning...
  11. Here is an interesting stat

    SACKS-- uva 5 , tech ZERO we can't get in there AND we can't keep them out---hmmmm
  12. So,are we back at full strength?

    except for Marshall and Curry..I would hope the team should be rested and raring to go play.Any word?
  13. Who helped himself most in summer camp- besides Howard?

    Most of us haven't seen practices or know enough to say esp outside of QB..Who has made a step up from Spring , also include FR.? Thanks.
  14. Data mining from Phil steele mag

    Love him or hate him ,his mag is heavy with info. 1.He has us with 9th hardest schedule. 2.PJ is 10-10 at Tech after a bye. also 21-21 after a loss 3.Steele uses Tech last yr stats to get us - 19th of 129 teams in-- OFF yds per play +sacks % 69th of 129 in -DEF yds per play +sacks btw--we...
  15. Comment on

    the level of success that JP has had in '17 (for next season) in recruiting (assuming we are done) ,maybe on a 1-10 scale.I would be curious on what you folks think?
  16. I had the chance to review tapes

    of our wins since I missed some.Several things jumped out at me. 1.With these guys , Gregory would have ONE game MAYBE.The difference is Pastner and his assts coaches.What a job! New motion offense which puts continuous pressure on def.New def zone which is well conceived and carried out.(with...

    our kicking game was superior this yr, exactly what I would hope we would have in Srs Butker--85%FGs , 1st in Conf, of course he had fewest and long of 42 but very good, 100% on xpts also Rodwell- #2 in punt avg , net/gross ? still very good, and the new running kick gave a "kick" to our...
  18. I've got to give credit after seeing the tape

    Small things sometimes make HUGE differences-like these 1. at end of game -Fr Braun was smart enough to react with his arm out to the DL jumping offside--this meant we could have 3 running plays for a only 5yd 1st down to run out time 2. you know who ran down Wilson and caused fumble, Gray...
  19. Five most critical players this yr

    Some guys are critical because they are so good, others because there is little depth.Here are my choices. 1.JT-QB -actually this is #1 and #2 --with little experience/ability behind him ,at this point, losing him early would be a killer -with another 3-9 very possible. 2.Burden-C-the OL has...
  20. Just a thought

    when JT was named Captain last yr as a Soph, I was estatic.I never saw the downside of that til now.We apparently had such poor leadership in the Sr class that a Soph is elected Captain which is very unusual..Maybe one of the hidden reasons for the poor season.