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  1. 2022 Spring Football Practice

    It's a shame we can't hear the questions!!
  2. OC Chip Long Press Conference

    Kelly is still curious.

    I understand that completely as I live in Oconee County 10 miles from Athens and can attest to their behavior but I have struggled with pulling for them against Alabama. I would like to see the young man silence the doubters he has heard all season and his career. It's a good story. He's the...

    Of course I always want the Jackets to win but how could you not root for Stetson Bennett IV based on his story and what he has been through.
  5. #PittvsGT Postgame

    I would have thought any of our RBs would have atleast broken off a few long runs by now regardless of the pitiful blocking up front. I saw Gibbs Saturday run up the middle and hit a wall every single time.
  6. UNC Preview Thread -- Who is UNC?

    I figured we would be scoring at a higher clip this year just from our running backs alone.
  7. Expectations for the 2021 season

    Please stop posting
  8. 2021 Preseason Thread

    Why is Kelly always so curious?
  9. Georgia State vs Bobby Dodd Stadium

    Yes he was! From my old high school - Griffin High
  10. Jahmyr Gibbs 2021-22 stat predictions

    Shut the f*** up! I'm tired of reading your trash!!!
  11. FSU @ GT 1/30/2021

    A great win but Devoe was terrible...yes he hit some open threes but all he did was drive the lane and stop and not shoot or create but pass back out to someone else. I'm sorry but I don't see all the Devoe love.
  12. 2021 season tix

    Oh my God! I get that call twice a week!
  13. Ahmarean brown has entered the transfer portal

    How many games have we seen our DBs beat deep and their QB has overthrown the receiver. It happens to almost all QBs not named Lawrence or Fields.
  14. A Thread to Rehash GT HC Comparisons

    Florida had more talent for the most important position on the field - Quarterback
  15. Final Four Games

    We need to change from an effort-based defense to a results-based defense.
  16. How Many Points Will We Give Up In The Black Watch Uniforms

    These uniforms are just to honor the Black Watch nothing else.
  17. Anyone watching NFL draft coverage

    Stage IV throat cancer which now has moved to his lungs.
  18. PJ presser

    Did anyone else notice CPJ mention Charlie was going to try Wide Receiver. I assume he's talking about Charlie Thomas.