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  1. jzgt22

    ProJackets Update Shaq headed to Tampa Bay reuniting with Tom Brady
  2. jzgt22

    Transfer Portal: Who's Coming and Going (2022 Roster)

    I think Max Browne was their last USC transfer QB.
  3. jzgt22

    RIP Demaryius Thomas

    He was in the second video
  4. jzgt22

    Which GT Swarm Member is this?

    CDogg needs a hug...
  5. jzgt22

    OC and DC replacement thoughts!! He's replacing Butch Davis
  6. jzgt22

    Ja'Quon Griffin

    Pro Football Focus
  7. jzgt22

    The “Money Men”

    Ken Seguira did an article a while back about money guys and quoted this guy: He may be in the mix of the money guys...
  8. jzgt22

    Ticket Exchange

    @Buzzbomb PM me
  9. jzgt22

    Duke Game

    I went a few years back and just drove onto campus looking parking, followed the parking signs and the attendant asked if we were there for the game. I said yes and she let us park for free. Paid 6 bucks for tickets on StubHub. The wife raved about the concession stand. Worst part of the trip...
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    2021 ACC and Competition News

    the color guy slamming down his head set at the end :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  11. jzgt22

    Money Down Poll

    My favorite is when the announcer forgets and just says it's third down...
  12. jzgt22

    2021 Adidas SWAG watch

    That one caught my eye too! Just placed my order!
  13. jzgt22

    Jalen Camp

    Awesome interview. He represents himself and the Institute very well.
  14. jzgt22

    #GTProDay 2021

    I got 29 too...
  15. jzgt22

    2021 Offseason Work Out Program

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so...get it filled in or shave it, but this in between trying to style it isn't working...
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    ProJackets Update

    Calvin Johnson named to the 2021 class of the NFL hall of fame!!
  17. jzgt22

    Pressley Harvin III Wins Ray Guy Award

    It's Unanimous!!
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    Big Tough NCAA at it Again!

    Ryan Bamford is the current athletic director of the University of Massachusetts Amherst.[1] He was previously hired on March 23, 2011 as an associate athletic director at Georgia Institute of Technology by then athletic director Dan Radakovich and promoted to senior associate in June 2013 by...
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    Hulu live dropping Fox regional sports channels

    I have YouTube TV and got an email that the regional fox sports networks wouldn't be available after October 1, but they have still been available
  20. jzgt22

    Which QB finishes against Clemson

    Liam Byrne cuz we kilt um...