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  1. Fan Day Observations

    I agree. They looked much better. We've hired some very good coaches and I really believe the players are all bought in.
  2. Fan Day Observations

    #0 on offense is the transfer WR from USCe. Big guy, but I wonder about his speed. The transfer from UCLA (#31) looked impressive on defense with his pass rush.
  3. Fan Day Observations

    I missed two badly. The pressure was too much for me to handle.
  4. Fan Day Observations

    Wasn't he injured last year too? Still has time to heal before Clemson.
  5. Fan Day Observations

    No, I didn't see him on the sideline dressed out either.
  6. Non-adidas GT Swag

    Maybe in another dimension we won that game. I think I would donate those to some third world country or it might make a nice shirt for the coaching staff. (I know, that's bad of me). ;)
  7. Clemson Ticket Location Released

    I didn't do too much better (section 105).
  8. Collins says players have 'chip on their shoulder'

    The players have a chip on their shoulders according to their coach. I'll believe that when I see it. Truth, I'm sick of being embarrassed. I'll be there to watch again.
  9. Who’s going to the Benz on the Fifth?

    We will be there. I say open up the whole stadium even if it is dominated by Clemson fans. Tech will make a lot of revenue off their fans.
  10. Pre-Season Projected Starters

    Don't forget about the 4 star QB we signed out of Alabama last year. I believe he enrolled early and practiced this spring. I don't care who the QB is as long as they win, be it a true freshman or a junior. Zach Pyron 4 star freshman - this guy might surprise some people. Taisun Phommachanh 4...
  11. Pre-Season Projected Starters

    With the addition of new offensive coaches, I wonder if Sims could be replaced early if the offense starts the season slowly. I think Daniels has good running backs to work with, but that offensive line with the exception of Williams is a big unknown. I wish Adonicas Sanders had stayed.
  12. Time to break in a new uniform thread - 2022 edition

    Then I posted this two years ago. :p
  13. Time to break in a new uniform thread - 2022 edition

    No wonder Collins and Stansbury have not gone outside the metro Atlanta area to drum up support for the football program. They've been worried about football uniforms. Now that we have the culture and uniforms right, it's time to start coaching. Hooray.
  14. Who are here on the swarm are sidewalk fans?

    I used to pull for both Tech and Georgia as a child. Oddly, I started pulling much more for Tech after they lost to Florida in the Orange Bowl. I was a weird kid I guess. I lost interest in Georgia and they just faded away. For many years I have been a die hard fan of GT.
  15. B1G expansion?

    Just my opinion, we wouldn't be poor mouthing ourselves so much if we'd hired a better football staff in 2019 and won football games. We're just low right now and really should be better. The last few years have not been Georgia Tech, it's been Mistake Tech. That is on the leadership. Georgia...
  16. B1G expansion?

    If a group of schools pull away to form a super conference, I doubt some of the lesser football schools will be invited. It will be about television eyes watching football.
  17. B1G expansion?

    I agree. A loose alliance doesn't sound solid at all.
  18. B1G expansion?

    A few thoughts, Will the USC / Notre Dame series continue since USC is moving to the Big 10? What if there are two super conferences and the SEC loses their top tier teams? What do you do with Vandy, Missouri, Kentucky and the Mississippi schools? Why would the SEC want Clemson since they...
  19. Breakout Season?

    I think we have better coaches now. I believe Long will force the offense to play better. However, for some reason we still have Thacker. 5 wins, but we play competitively in most of our games.
  20. Time to break in a new uniform thread - 2022 edition

    Totally agree with this.