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  1. Rank Your Excitement for 2022

    Given that it’s Tech, the other scenario is that CGC beats Western Carolina then the AD extends his contract 5 years. Then we go 0-fer the rest of the season and fire him.
  2. Rank Your Excitement for 2022

    What is there to be excited about? This team is worse than last year’s with a more difficult schedule. Here’s what I think happens: win 2-3 games, lose by 50+ to uGA. Fire CGC, Board gets excited for a coaching search, we hire someone that seems like a letdown (because, face it, it’s not an...
  3. NL EAST 2021

    Yeah. So I shouldn’t have said that
  4. NL EAST 2021

    Braves can take over 1st place today.
  5. NL EAST 2021

    It still pisses me off that I live in Atlanta and can’t watch Braves games even though I have an subscription and this is the free game of the day. I had to choose between GT (YTTV has ACCN) and Braves (Comcast has Bally Sports).
  6. NL EAST 2021

    I also watch international soccer. More so the US national team than the Italian national team because the US has the better team and makes world cups.
  7. NL EAST 2021

    Worse. I’m European
  8. NL EAST 2021

    I like the shift - it's using analytics to outsmart the opponent. But I also like the DH, 60 game seasons, no west coast games, runner on 2nd to start extra innings, and 7 inning doubleheaders. Basically, the 2020 season.
  9. 2022 Atlanta Braves

    It seems like Acuna gets throw at frequently, but in HBP per game, he's not in the top 100 in mlb. The last time he was in the Top 100 per game (so remember that adjusts for his missed games) was 2020.
  10. Who are here on the swarm are sidewalk fans?

    You guys are saints. I’m impressed. I spent 10 years on campus full time through multiple degrees, I taught at Tech, my wife is an alumna, and I barely keep up with the team anymore. It’s just no fun to lose year after year in sport after sport.
  11. NL EAST 2021

    Cubs are terrible. They blew both games yesterday. That’s a full game in the NLEast.
  12. NL EAST 2021

    Soto isn’t a free agent until 2025. Also I looked. It’s Corbin and Strasburg under contract in 2023. 7 guys on arbitration including Soto
  13. NL EAST 2021

    Also, the Braves should protest the all star game. Never forget.
  14. Kind of off topic - RE: Silver/Black GT license plate

    I had my Maserati painted to match mine.
  15. NL EAST 2021

    Strasburg will be the only player under contract for 2023 and he’s covered by insurance at the moment. If the new owner wants to make them the Marlins with a bargain operating cost, now is the opportunity.
  16. 2022 Atlanta Braves

    His stock has really fallen lately. He’s no longer a Top 100 prospect. Still seems light for him, but there may have been other issues we’re not aware of.
  17. Student engagement

    It’s not complicated. You have to make students want to come to the game and make the game easy to attend. On the first, you either invest in a good product (good GT team playing a good opponent in what should be a fun game) or gimmicks (give always, free food, Drake perform at half time, etc)...
  18. B1G expansion?

    For decades there has been a debate internally at Tech about whether we should compete in athletics and sacrifice academics or do the opposite. The implication of the indecision was a middling athletic program. Now the decision is being made.
  19. B1G expansion?

    PAC and Big XII are in discussion to basically merge. How does the ACC survive?
  20. B1G expansion?

    Better be careful. GT probably falls into that group these days.