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  1. GT's Most Iconic Play

    Yes sir!! Calvin catch against Clemson is also is up there. Tell the truth they are so many overs the years it’s not fair to say what’s the most iconic play bc they are so many that deserves that honor.
  2. GT's Most Iconic Play

    Kerry Watkins catch against Clemson
  3. Clemson Game Sold Out

    Because Tech fans don’t roll like that
  4. Joe Hamilton to be new Color Analyst

    I called it on here when Bedford retired from the booth. Always great when a legend returns to his roots.
  5. Clemson Game Sold Out

    I guess that something to ask Kelly Quinlan or Russell Johnson in one of his weekly mailbag questions.
  6. Who’s going to the Benz on the Fifth?

    In the AJC today it said the Benz will have on field Terrence’s and lounge for falcons and college football games this year. It said it will be completed by August 27. Wonder if it be ready for the UGA and Tech games and if so will anybody be in them?
  7. Who’s going to the Benz on the Fifth?

    We don’t need fans with your mind set!!! When we start winning I hope you are no longer a fan !!!
  8. Who’s going to the Benz on the Fifth?

    Hell yeah!! I’ve tried my best to let them know. I hope you can get them to also. We have to support in attendance in this age of college football!!! We want to be the have’s not the have’s not. It starts with asses in seats and fans watching them on tv when they can’t attend games.
  9. Who’s going to the Benz on the Fifth?

    Going to try the same lot I went last year. I think its the blue lot but can’t remember for sure but I know it’s off north side dr.
  10. Who’s going to the Benz on the Fifth?

    I’ll be doing that on Saturday and the dove’s will be wrapped in bacon on the smoker at the Benz on Monday
  11. Who’s going to the Benz on the Fifth?

    We need more true fans like you not these fair weather fans that we got. Thank you for being a true fan!!!
  12. Who’s going to the Benz on the Fifth?

    I honor your opinion but I think that’s the wrong way of thinking in my opinion. That’s why we will never be apart of a mega conference bc we have no fan support. It’s sad it truly is. Our players do not deserve our fan base. It’s one of the worst in college football.
  13. Who’s going to the Benz on the Fifth?

    How many on the swarm are going to the Clemson game? I hope the tech nation have at least 40% or more of the crowd. I hope and pray that we will not be the laughing stock of college football if we let the away team out number us 80 two 20% two straight games in our on hometown. That will tell...
  14. Who are here on the swarm are sidewalk fans?

    I will never stop loving ga tech.No mater what!!!!! Players come and go, coaches come and go but my love and the swarms love will never go!!!!!
  15. Who are here on the swarm are sidewalk fans?

    I’m from south ga and now reside in middle ga and I’ve been a die hard tech fan since 1989 and have no affiliation with the school whatsoever. I just love tech football and basketball and was wondering how many on the swarm is like me?
  16. We look good against Ole Miss here...

    How was playing the game a ole miss fan or a ga tech fan?
  17. Excitement for the 2022 Season

    I am always pumped and excited when a new season begins. I just hope and pray it’s not over by the end of September!!
  18. western Carolina free ticket thread

    They have on on the gtrivals forums.
  19. Sean Bedford hanging up the headphones

    I’m going to say Joe Hamilton. That be my guess.