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  1. Our stadium

    We all know that Georgia Tech football struggles with revenue. Before Covid hit, we replaced our grass field with artificial turf, added new lights, and sound system. Two big concerts were scheduled, but those events got cancelled due to Covid. Since then there has been nothing and Mercedes Benz...
  2. Tech Music

    Hear me out on this one. I know we allowed only 11,000 fans into each home game and it appeared to me most showed up this season. There were times those 11,000 fans got loud and I think that is important to what makes college football. It appears that Tech is trying way too hard to control the...
  3. Spring Practice

    I know its way too early, but what do you guy want to see. Me, I think its time to ask Tobias Oliver to move to defensive back. He's just too good of an athlete to be subbing in as a receiver. Plus we get 4 star Marquez Ezzard in the rotation. I see him being another Christian Campbell or...
  4. Defensive Backs

    During the second half, I saw Juanveh Thomas being led towards the locker room by a trainer and later Tariq Carpenter required assistance going to the locker room due to being hurt. We really need those guys for next Saturday. It is my opinion our defensive back field is our strength. During the...
  5. Flyover tomorrow?

    Anyone with inside information know what type of military aircraft is supposed to fly over the stadium before the VPI game? Edit: F18 Super Hornet
  6. Does anyone know if all of the former coaching staff got hired somewhere?

    This may have already been covered. Sorry if I missed it. I know Sewak and Preston retired and one coach went to Ga. State. Any news on others? Did anyone ever hire Mike Pelton the former DL coach?
  7. Take that 680 the dwag.

    Apparently yesterday 680 was talking about how GT should be recruiting just as well as the dwags. This little info was brought up during Paul Johnson's press conference today that our flagship station was saying this. This is not a direct quote, but Paul responded that 680 should be better than...
  8. Yellow Jacket Alley

    I haven't been to a Yellow Jacket Alley in a couple of years mostly due to our 12 pm games. Last time I was there it was pretty good, almost reminded me of a mini Mardi Gras parade. Looks like this would be a good time to check it out. Is it still 2 hours before the football game?
  9. Beat Duke

    You guys have a whole week to buy tickets to next week's game. It's going to be huge. It's time to get back into the stadium instead of sitting home. You guys that live out of town, its time for a road trip. Beat Duke.
  10. Interesting article about holding leads
  11. Defensive Formation 3rd Quarter

    Has anyone ever seen us go into the defensive formation we played in the 3 quarter. Around the 7 minute mark, GT called time out. Alcorn State had a third and 15 yards to go. Apparently Coach Woody set up the defense with 3 down linemen, a combination of linebackers and DBs lined up almost...