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  1. BleedGoldNWhite21

    Ajc says Yates might start today due to a Sims injury

    Yates is starting today according to Ken Suguira.
  2. BleedGoldNWhite21

    Has fan apathy already set in?

    I know this isn’t the end all be all way of measuring our interest or lack of interest, but it seems the Post Game threads are slowly getting shorter and shorter. Obviously an older thread probably has more replies, but if you just judge the number of pages per thread on the day they were posted...
  3. BleedGoldNWhite21

    Horrible experience at BDS yesterday.

    So I bought two tickets to the game yesterday from StubHub. I know, I bought it from a Third party instead of GT Athletics, but I figured it wasn't a big issue. I traveled down to the game yesterday and when I arrived it said that the ticket had already been used. They sent me to the Ticket...
  4. BleedGoldNWhite21

    2-5 in OT

    Under Paul Johnson, we are 2-5 in OT. You would think with the nature of our offense and the rules of college OT, we would fair a little better. Anyone who knows more of the Xs and Os have any thoughts on this? The Utah game was similar to tonight. Missed a game winning kick in regulation to...